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Top 7 Rockets

A great fireworks display always needs a rocket or two. Rockets add a bit of jaw dropping excitement to your display and give your display a glamorous ending!
If you are looking for a final addition to your fireworks display, then here’s our pick of the top seven rockets from our collection.

1. Benwell Fireworks: Dragon Double Break Rockets

You’ll be sure to excite your audience with the amazing Dragon Double Break Rockets pack. You’ll get four fantastic rockets with a huge 115g of firepower to blast a burst of colour on the night sky.
The rockets come with a variety of effects and colours from green peony to crackling golden burst. This is not a rocket for the fainthearted!

2. Vulcan: Rocket Volley with Yellow and Silver Cascade

Vulcan has a range of amazing rockets, but we are especially fond of the one with Yellow and Silver Cascade effects.
The firework will shoot eight rockets that reach amazing heights of 30 metres. The silver and yellow cascading stars make this a fantastic rocket to combine with mines, for instance.

3. Brothers Pyrotechnics: 5-Alive

The 5-Alive rockets might look like a bunch of small fireworks, but you’ll be surprised of the firepower behind them. Indeed, you’ll enjoy a kick of 1.3g and a roar of noise when you set off these little beauties!
The five rockets also add plenty of colour and effects to your display. It’s a great stable rocket pack for any event.

4. Brothers Pyrotechnics: Star Fleet

Are you after something enormous for your big party? The Star Fleet is the must-have rocket for big party events such as birthday parties or stag do parties!
The ten rockets will shower you with a variety of effects from strobes to falling leaves. Star Fleet is a glamorous rocket that’ll impress everyone from young to old.

5. Brothers Pyrotechnics: Extreme Machines

The Extreme Machines rocket collection is great value for money, as you’ll get to enjoy 15 amazing shots and a great variety of effects. It’s a good stable for any fireworks display.
You’ll see a collection of dahlias and brocades shoot up all the way to 50 metres! But be quick, as we currently have a limited stock available of this beauty!

6. Vulcan: Rocket Volley with Cosmic Rain

As mentioned above, Vulcan’s rocket range has some fantastic rockets to add to your fireworks display. The other one of our favourites from the range is the Rocket Volley with Cosmic Rain.
The pack contains eight rockets, which are fired simultaneously to fillup the night sky with fine golden rain. We think this is a definite must-have for a wedding or anniversary display.

7. Brothers Pyrotechnics: King-Dom

King-Dom is a quirky collection of rockets. You’ll have two smaller 40g rockets, two bigger 120g rockets and two fantastic large rockets with 180g of firepower – a range of effects awaits with this pack.
The vibrant colours and especially long hang times will add plenty of wow-factor to your fireworks display. It’s among our top rockets and it doesn’t surprise us at all!

Rockets are a stable part of a good display and you should definitely add one or two for that extra wow-factor.
Pick your favourites from above, check out the rest of our collection and get planning!

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