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Remote Ignition

Light your fireworks using the latest remote ignition technology. Remote lighting is safer plus you get to watch your fireworks! Multiple receivers can be assigned to a single remote to light multiple fireworks at once, or you can assign multiple remotes to individual receivers to give you an infinite amount of firing cues. These firework firing systems work perfectly for your outdoor displays and are swiftly becoming one of the best forms of lighting fireworks around.

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Quality Firework Firing Systems

Remote ignition is the next step in safety with firework firing systems. If you’re wondering how effective this is, we can assure you that our remote igniters are hand-picked individually by experts so we can provide the optimum experience for our customers.

Firework Safety

Reliable firework firing systems are very useful when it comes to firework safety but there are many other things that you must consider when igniting fireworks. Hence, we have an informative page on our website that provides details about safety around fireworks, available here.

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