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Firework Cakes & Barrage Fireworks

There is an excellent selection of barrage fireworks in this category with a wide variety of effects and noises. From small bore to big bore, from 16 shots to 1000 shot firework cakes: they’re all listed here. Cakes & barrages are our specialities: we make sure each firework barrage is entirely up to standard and of exceptional quality and price. If you need any help deciding on what the right barrages might be for you, then don’t hesitate to call or email us, and we’ll be sure to try and reply to the best of our ability.

Don’t forget you can filter results from the left-hand menus to make finding your fireworks much easier.


Looking for multi-packs of cakes? Click here to view our excellent selection.


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What Are Barrage and Cake Fireworks?

Firework cakes and barrages usually consist of a box filled with multiple tube devices, all connected by a high-speed fuse. These cakes can hold tens, even hundreds, of multi shot fireworks, and are known to be very safe as they provide a long-lasting show while also having only one ignition point. They are fused together to create a similar shape of a cake, hence the name and consist of a variety of different colours, which is why they are popular for all types of displays, providing a variety of firework selection.


When To Use Barrage and Cake Fireworks

Create the most fantastic firework show in one purchase. Buy one of these fireworks, and you can genuinely create a long-lasting, well-played out show by utilising these firework cakes and barrage fireworks. We have a variety of cake and barrage fireworks for all budgets, from multi shot fireworks which last 40 seconds to lengthy displays of three minutes.


Our Favorite Barrage Fireworks & Cake Fireworks

Commonly also known as single-ignition fireworks (SIB), these multi shot fireworks come in so many different and wonderful shapes and sizes. We’d suggest the Happy dragon by Vulcan fireworks in our range, or even the Jorge Wenus! The Wenus is one of the most popular cakes in the firework world, but personally, our favourite is the Happy Dragon. We have firework cakes and barrage fireworks to suit everyone and each firework can be easily viewed before purchase on our full video footage.


Firework Safety

As a supplier of fireworks, safety will always be of utmost importance to us. We want to make sure that everyone can have an enjoyable time and safety protocols are adhered to. For important information about firework safety, visit this page.

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