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Roman Candles

Roman candles come in a variety of sizes and effects. From a few shots to hundreds per candle. Quiet or noisy, colourful or crackling there’s plenty to choose from. You can create some great effects by placing candles at different angles.

Our amazing Roman Candles for sale are available for all budgets and can be altered by firing at varied angles. We provide Roman Candles in the UK with free delivery for orders over £249.


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What Are Roman Candles?

Roman candles are a traditional type of firework, which can fire a varied number of shots. Some of our Roman Candles for sale can reach heights of up to 25 metres and feature a variety of firing patterns and colours. We supply both low-noise candles for small garden displays and loud candles suitable for large bonfire displays.

History Of Roman Candles

Despite the name, Roman Candles, like most fireworks, originated in China. The history behind the name ‘Roman Candle’ is a rather unpleasant one. This is because, much like the Catherine Wheel, the Roman Candle is named after an ancient torture device used in the Roman Empire under the emperor Nero.


How To Use Roman Candles

Of course, when learning to how to use Roman Candles, the first thing we recommend is to read the instructions carefully as you should be following them closely to ensure your candles get the desired effect. Make sure your Roman Candle is pointing towards the sky as the stars they emit can ignite things if they land before going out. When you light the candle, make sure you back away quickly and let it fully burn out before attempting to go near it. Most importantly, make sure you do not light a Roman Candle in an area where there are things that could easily catch on fire, a wide-open space is preferable. Roman Candles are great fireworks, but what makes them better is there ability to be combined effectively with other fireworks, like fountains and sparklers, which all create unique and beautiful patterns.


Powerful Roman Candles

All of our Roman Candles for sale are highly powerful fireworks. The fireworks are ignited from the top of the firework and are created from the chemical compound of bentonite, black powder, lifting charge, pyrotechnic star and delay charge. Due to Roman Candles being lighted from the top, the firework requires to be pointed away from people and directed towards the sky for safety precautions. Roman Candles fire both single and multiple shots via a tube, all options from our selection are sure to create a fantastic show. You can also find some of our candles in our firework display packs, which have a variety of fireworks for great displays.


Firework Safety

We always want people to have fun using our fireworks, but we consistently have to advocate for absolute safety around fireworks. It is for this reason that we have created a specific Firework Safety page for you to digest this information and use it accordingly. This includes information on all our fireworks, including Roman Candles.

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