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Catherine Wheel Fireworks & Set Pieces

Always the talk of a display, usually for not going around! In this category, you will also find our set pieces, commonly known as lancework. They are great for all occasions and are always sure to get your firework display to become the talk of the town! We sell some of the best Catherine wheel fireworks around, and we really try our hardest to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. They are reminiscent of sparklers, only on a larger scale. So, have a browse, look through, and if you get stuck, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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What Are Catherine Wheels?

Catherine wheels, named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria, are fireworks which consist of either a powder-filled spiral tube or an angled rocket with a pin in its centre. When set alight, the force of the fireworks causes the wheel to rotate. The largest Catherine Wheel ever created was manufactured in Malta, measuring 32.044 metres and was lit on 18th June 2011 to celebrate “Our Lady of the Lilies”, an annual feast. Malta is home to traditions revolving around these wheels, being a popular fixture during each village “Festa”. Many communities hold competitions, where people create Catherine Wheels of various shapes and colours and the display is finalised by lighting the largest one (known as The Carpet).


High-Quality Catherine Wheel Fireworks

To ensure your Catherine Wheels are always working efficiently, do not bang the nail in too tight and ensure that the pin is at a slight downward angle. If your wheel is pointing upwards, it will get stuck against your post. Catherine Wheels consist of a powder-filled tube with an extremely powerful rotating firework, which rotates at high speeds, emitting an abundance of sparks and flames. They are suitable for all size displays, including garden displays, due to all spectators being able to view the still-standing firework easily. Make sure to use a variety of fireworks when doing your display, so consider mixing your Catherine wheels with roman candles, firework cakes, firework mines or more.


Recommended Brands

We only sell the most reliable and best Catherine Wheels, supplied from reputable brands. Brands we recommend are Brightstar, Black Cat, Brothers Pyrotechnics and Tai Pan. All of our fireworks have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality performance and, of course, optimum safety. We offer Catherine wheels for all budgets, starting from £4.49, ideal for small garden displays and new firework users.


Firework Safety

Here at Fireworks Crazy, we take safety very seriously so we like to keep our customers informed on how you can enjoy our fireworks without any danger. Please visit our Firework Safety page for full information on safety procedures.


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