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Catherine Wheels

At Fireworks Crazy, we have the best selection of Catherine Wheels to choose from. Being easy to set up, our Catherine Wheel fireworks can easily be attached to a fence or a pole. Not only do our Cathrine Wheel fireworks ignite and create sparks, but they also spin very fast, creating a great display for everyone around.


With a few selections to choose from, our Cathrine Wheels last anywhere from 30 – 50 seconds with low noise levels to ensure minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. Looking for something that makes more of a bang? You may want to check out our big rockets or general firework rockets.

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What Are Catherine Wheels?


Catherine wheels, named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria, are fireworks that consist of either a powder-filled spiral tube or an angled rocket with a pin in its centre. When set alight, the force of the fireworks causes the wheel to rotate to display much more spectacular arrays of lights.


Many communities hold competitions, where people create Catherine Wheel Fireworks of various shapes and colours and the display is finalised by lighting the largest one (known as The Carpet).


Where To Use Catherine Wheel Fireworks


They are suitable for all size displays, including garden displays, due to all spectators being able to view the still-standing firework easily.


To ensure your Catherine Wheels are always working efficiently, do not bang the nail in too tight and ensure that the pin is at a slight downward angle. If your wheel is pointing upwards, it will get stuck against your post.


Firework Safety


Here at Fireworks Crazy, we take safety very seriously so we like to keep our customers informed on how you can enjoy our fireworks without any danger. Please visit our Firework Safety page for full information on safety procedures.


Delivery Options


At our company, our standard delivery time is 1-2 working days across all of mainland UK. Whether you need your fireworks now or can wait until closer to display time, we will always provide the quickest turnaround and most efficient service possible!


For those who spend £249 or more on fireworks, depending on where they live in the UK, they can get their order free of charge!


Get full details of our firework deliveries here.



How does a Catherine wheel work?

A Catherine wheel typically has a central hub that contains pyrotechnic compositions. When the wheel is lit, a fuse ignites the compositions, causing them to burn and produce thrust. The resulting thrust causes the wheel to rotate rapidly, creating the spinning effect.


What types of effects can a Catherine wheel produce?

The primary effect of a Catherine wheel is the spinning motion, which emits sparks and colored flames. The color and pattern of the sparks can vary depending on the specific design of the Catherine wheel.


Are Catherine wheels safe for home use?

Catherine wheels are generally considered safe for consumer use when handled responsibly and in accordance with safety guidelines. However, it’s crucial to follow local laws and regulations regarding fireworks use and prioritize safety at all times.


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