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DIY Fireworks

Do it yourself firework displays for all types of events including
clubs, associations, fundraisers and November 5th.

Create your own show

Make it a showstopper

Some people still enjoy organising and firing a display themselves. We have a full range of DIY Displays from a small back garden gathering to a larger social or club event, with prices from £100 to £1000’s. Our tailor made display
packs give you the ultimate professional look to your display and can really make the difference between a good and an excellent event.

We've put together a selection of display packs which can be purchased online. However, if you would like a tailor made firework display pack, selected by our own display specialists, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer FREE advice on insurance, site surveys, risk assessments and of course for all DIY displays we offer full advice on the fireworks for your event. For larger, public events, we are now able to offer one off display insurance.

Display pack showcase

We delivered a once in a lifetime show

Several years ago Greg contacted us. He organises a local town display and had a budget of £1500. The previous two years when they purchased their fireworks they were given no advice on what order to set them off to get the maximum from their fireworks and in turn giving the audience the best display they could for their money.

We quickly set about putting a display together for Greg based on the space he had, the amount of people available for firing and the duration with which he wanted the display to last. We came up with the following amazing firework display.

Download our Display Pack PDF for this spectacular
show below

The Display

The finer details

We like to structure our displays in to sections. With each section being different in terms of colour, noises, effects and types of fireworks. Finishing with a sky filling finale so that your audience get that WOW factor. Lets look though some sections of the firework display above: (This is a typical example, but we can design a custom show for your own requirements)

The display starts with a bank of three fountain-fireworks (1) shooting showers of sparks 15ft in the air and progresses to 4 x 140 shot crackling gold candles (2) which are set out to criss cross the sky.
We then move in to a quiet section of the show with silver fish (10) fired either side of a fanned blue fish cake with green falling leaves (11). We then move on to the aerial effects starting with cheeky cherries (3).


 The display continues into a section of large red candles (7) firing outwards whilst a 49 shot cake fires large glittering red willows (8) in the centre. We continue with a mixture of cakes in pairs or fan cakes firing from a central position.

2 minutes before the end of the display we start our finale sequence, filling the sky with huge amounts of colour, effects and noise. In the last 30 seconds we set off 6 x gold willow rockets, 6 x 3″ shell rockets to really fill the sky and some noisy report cakes.

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