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Big Rockets

The rockets here are all 1.3g rockets and come with payloads of up to 200g! We stock a great variety of Big Rockets including Professional effect 3-inch shell rockets, Double Break Rockets and multi-effect rockets. Brocade, Strobe, Willow, we have it all!

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High-Quality Big Rockets

All of our big rockets have been hand-picked, product by product, and chosen for their impact, quality and overall wow-factor. There’s one for every occasion; so, find the right firework for you and give your special moment the bang it deserves. The majority of our big fireworks reach heights of up to 30 metres, perfect for large or public displays, creating both impact and entertainment.


Various Brands

We stock big fireworks from multiple brands including Tai-Pan, Pyro King, Brothers Pyrotechnics and Absolute Fireworks. We recommend any brand that we sell on our website due to their high-quality fireworks which are thoroughly tested for both quality and safety. We work closely with each supplier, ensuring that we have the newest and most popular big rockets in our stock. We occasionally have special offers on selected products, these offers are only available for a limited time.


Big Rocket Origins

Did you know that the first big fireworks date all the way back to ancient China where the first instances of gunpowder were created around 2000 years ago? For many centuries they were used to celebrate and wow citizens, becoming a staple of celebration, especially at the new year. It wasn’t until much later on that the western world picked up on their creation. Europe was infamous for adopting China’s ideas, like the crossbow and wheelbarrow, and fireworks and gunpowder weren’t an exception. The first use of fireworks in England was at a royal wedding in the 13th century, between King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, in 1486. Nowadays fireworks are used for many occasions across the world, with people in the United Kingdom spending an average of £15 million on fireworks each year.


Firework Safety

We always like to remind people that safety around fireworks is key as they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please visit our Firework Safety page for information on how to use fireworks in a sensible manner.


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