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Firework Rockets

Here’s our wide and crazy range of rocket fireworks for sale. Do you need rockets? We’ve got them. Do you need large rockets? We’ve got them too. In fact, to cover all questions, we’ve got in as many quality firework rockets as we could. Of course, we wouldn’t throw any old firework into our collection. We like to choose and pick the fireworks that go on our store, especially that you, the customer, will be the one experiencing these amazing fireworks. We want you to get the best fireworks around, and so, we’ve put them all here, in our firework rocket category! Enjoy!


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High-Quality Rocket Fireworks

Our rocket fireworks are manufactured from the most high-quality brands including Absolute Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Bright Star Fireworks and many more. Many of our fireworks are available to purchases in multi-packs, enabling you to even further discounts. Rocket Fireworks are suitable for all types of displays and are available in a huge range of colours and firing patterns.


What Counts As A Firework Rocket?

The term “firework rocket” is quite a general phrase that covers nearly every type of firework. Simply put, it is a pyrotechnic firework made from a paper tube, which is filled with gunpowder, then set alight to be propelled into the air. They do vary a lot, for example, you may get a firework rocket that is large in scope and size on the explosion, while others are super fast, yet fizzle out and compliment the large firework rockets, rather than steal the show.

Whichever rockets you desire, we have them, so if you’re looking for any specific rocket firework but cannot find it, please just contact us today, and we’ll be sure to help with a meaningful and helpful answer.


Firework Safety

While we all know fireworks are fun, we have to remind ourselves that they can be dangerous if the right safety procedures are not followed. Therefore, we have created a dedicated Firework Safety page for you to understand the precautions to take when putting on a display.

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