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Black Cat Fireworks

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Black Cat Fireworks

This brand is a name that has been synonymous with fireworks for many years. They will forever be in our memories as some of the highest childhood fireworks we had. The fantastic selection boxes that our dad would bring home were full of exciting fireworks such as the "jumping jacks", "bangers", and "traffic lights" to name just a few. Still trading today they are now more known for supplying the multiples such as Tesco, B&Q etc., but they do still produce some great fireworks, which we carefully select and have chosen for you.

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Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks is a leading manufacturing brand, continually creating new fireworks each year which excel in product development and packaging design. Initially trading under the brand name “Standard Fireworks” until purchased by Black Cat in 1998 (we additionally sell Standard Fireworks on our site). Black Cat is one of the UK’s largest firework suppliers.

A Trusted Brand

Black Cat Fireworks have been in the industry for years now, and because of that, they have established themselves as one of the best. We are incredibly proud to sell these and are excited for you to give them a try. There are so many firework brands to choose from, and this brand possibly has to be up there with some of the best.

Popular Products

Black Cat Fireworks is known for supplying a wide range of fireworks for displays of all sizes. These fireworks include Single Ignition Fireworks, Selection Boxes, Rockets and Sparklers. We are pleased to sell a wide range of their products which receive high recommendations from our trusted customers. Black Cat specialises in creating fireworks manufactured for families, meaning they are colourful, eyecatching but extremely safe for usage.


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