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Fireworks For Sale, Buy Fireworks Online or From our Fireworks Shop - Buy Discount Fireworks for Chelmsford, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London & The Whole of the UK!

or book the professionals for a wedding fireworks display or firework event.

Fireworks for sale online and from our showroom all year from some of the UK's leading brands including the award winning 'Brothers Pyrotechnics', 'Absolute Fireworks', 'Celtic Fireworks', 'Black Cat Fireworks, Standard Fireworks' and more.....

16 shots of green tails to silver spider kings! A very pro effect from such ...

Blue Prince - 34.99

NEW FOR 2018 Perfect if you just like Blue fireworks, but even better for ...

Redemption - 74.99

BETTER THAN HALF PRICE OH MY GOD! I thought the stock video of this w ...

the annual November fireworks celebrations, don't think we wont be working hard to bring you the best fireworks for sale at the best prices. During the year we will be testing new fireworks and adding new lines to the web site.

And remember, fireworks aren't just for November and New Year. You can buy fireworks to celebrate any occasion. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings to name a few! Fireworks can LEGALLY be fired every day of the year between 7am and 11pm so don't be put off celebrating with fireworks.

Most importantly, if you haven't already done so, you should register on the site. It's FREE and only takes a few seconds. It has many benefits; like being the first to know of new fireworks, special offers and also making sure you don't miss out on important events like our planned firework review night later in the year where we will be firing our complete range of fireworks, so you can see first hand our great range of fireworks for FREE! And please be assured we will only use your details for our own use. So don't put it off, you may miss out on some special offers or exciting firework news. Sign Up Now!


For all orders over £200 we are able to offer FREE DELIVERY to most parts of the UK. click on the link for a full list of our firework delivery prices.

Self fire or DIY Fireworks.

Whether your celebrating your Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, November 5th (bonfire night), Diwali the Chinese New Year, or just having a get together! We have a complete range of fireworks to suit any occasion, from sparklers to single ignition (SIB) 'displays in a box'. We take pride in the fireworks we sell, testing each item individually, providing you with as much information about the firework and even including video footage of each item.

Why Buy Fireworks from Firework Crazy?

I'm sure you will agree as you look at our extensive range of fireworks, you will not find another web site that puts as much passion and detail into the fireworks they sell, and this is just the start, we offer a complete service to match! Don't be afraid to ask the simplest of questions, we won't bite, we enjoy helping our customers. We will do all we can to ensure that you buy the right fireworks to WOW your audience and also ensure that your firework display is as safe as possible. You only have to look at our Customer Testimonials to see how we like to treat our customers and what they think of our fireworks.

We're an award wining firework retailer and we are proud to be the first firework shop to be part of the Trading Standards "Buy With Confidence" Scheme. This means that all our business practices, terms and conditions and customer service meet their strict guidlines. In an industry that is known for it's unscrupulous sellers it's nice to know you can buy from a company that you can trust. People sometimes tell us, 'I can get these shipped cheaper from..., or this firework looks better, I was offered these in the pub car park are they safe?' Unfortunately some people will ship fireworks illegally to reduce costs and also video two or three of the same firework all being lit at the same time! Buying fireworks from the back of a van is also dangerous, you don't know if they've passed the stringent safety checks. Remember the saying, 'If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is' but fireworks are explosives, do you really want to risk the life of you, your friends or family by buying cheap illegal fireworks? At Firework Crazy we only ever send fireworks using a courier licensed to transport them. If you order fireworks elsewhere and they turn up by royal mail or another unlicensed courier then please call consumer direct. I'm sorry about the rant, but I really feel strongly about the way we treat our customers and want to get it right. At the end of the day, we all want fireworks to be around for years to come so we can continue to enjoy a time honored tradition, unfortuantely there are some people who think it's ok to jeopardise this.

Professional Firework Displays.

Firework Crazy can offer complete professional firework display packages from just £650 all inclusive for corporate events, weddings, parties, special events and occasions. Customising the firework display to your personal requirements with the added use of special effects, light and sound if required. Firework Crazy can guarantee your guests an event to remember. Our main display areas are Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Kent & London, however we have teams that can cover most of the UK. Email our Professional Firework Display Coordinator today with ANY questions you have.

Special Offers.

We must be mad! Check out our crazy Special Offers, including FREE giveaways, BOGOFS (buy one get one free) and some of the most insane discount fireworks prices you will ever see!

Exclusive Special Offers!

Why not join our mailing list and get access to exclusive offers before anyone else!

BANG! BANG! or not so BANG! BANG!

Fireworks don't have to be noisy. For those who don't like big bangs, but enjoy the elegance and magic that fireworks create, we have a selection of low noise fireworks.

Firework Crazy are proud to suppor the Pyrotechnics Guild International

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Please note: We try to bring you the most up to date videos of fireworks however, changes in the manufacturing processes can lead to a variation of timings & effects. If you come across a video that appears different to the firework you have then please let us know. All timings and information on fireworks are given in good faith and should only be used as a guide.
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