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Chinese New Year Fireworks

Top Quality Pyrotechnics For Chinese New Year

Traditional Chinese Fireworks


Fireworks are a big part of Chinese New Year. They are thought to ward off evil spirits and scare away negativity and bad luck. 


Similar to the standard New Year Celebrations, the vibrant colours and dazzling displays of fireworks invite good luck and positive energy into the Chinese New Year for Asians. 


Many Chinese New Year fireworks displays include red fireworks as they symbolise good fortune and happiness. 


red and gold chinese dragon with chinese festival lamps in the background
firework catherine wheel

Best Pyrotechnics for chinese new year

We like to hand-pick our products, and we’ve ensured that only the very best Chinese New Year fireworks for sale go up in our store.


We like building trust with our customers, and one of the best ways to start is to provide some good quality products under a good-quality service, which is exactly what we offer! 


The fireworks we sell for your Lunar new year celebrations are the best quality, and we can guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


To ensure safety when using fireworks, we recommend the following:


  • Follow all safety instructions and guidelines provided with your fireworks.
  • Keep a safe distance from fireworks during ignition and while they are active.
  • Always supervise children and ensure there is a designated adult responsible for handling and igniting fireworks.
  • Check local regulations and follow all legal requirements for fireworks use.
  • Dispose of used fireworks responsibly and safely.
sparkler fireworks


Premium Sparklers For Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is a time of festivity and happiness. One of the most cherished and enchanting ways to enhance your Lunar New Year Celebrations is by incorporating Chinese New Year sparklers.


These sparklers symbolise the victory of light and are suitable for people of all ages. 


While they bring joy, when using sparklers it’s crucial to prioritise safety, follow guidelines and supervise children when using sparklers, with a bucket of water nearby for safe disposal.