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What Should Your Wedding Fireworks Cost?

A large number of our enquiries both to Firework Crazy as well as via our dedicated Wedding Fireworks website surround the cost of a wedding display. The answer to how much a wedding fireworks display should cost, like with many things, is ‘it depends.’

While it may seem obvious that we’re going to pat ourselves on the back here, we’re passionate about giving you your perfect wedding day, your way. We also appreciate that couples often spend tens of thousands of pounds on their whole wedding; even a ‘cheap wedding’ can easily run to £3,000 – £4,000.

With this in mind, we look to keep the cost of our wedding firework displays affordable, meaning we’re a great option whether you have some of your wedding budget leftover or are looking for a display that won’t break the bank.

What You Should Avoid

We’re going to look closer at our own packages shortly, but first, we’re going to recommend what you need to avoid. As far as we’re concerned, one of the biggest ways to spend a lot of money you don’t need to is to opt for a ‘pay per minute’ display.

There are some firework companies out there who present this pricing model, and you could end up paying a lot more than you need to for a fireworks display.

There’s no doubt you’ll get a brilliant display, but we definitely think there’s an opportunity for you to have the same experience while saving a hell of a lot of money. Why pay for a display from £500 – £1,000 per minute when you could easily get a full display for the same cost?

Rather than offering displays where you pay per minute, at Firework Crazy, you get one price for your display, and ultimately you’ll save money while still enjoying an incredible display on your special day.

Here are some of your options, which you can view at our fireworks packages for weddings page.

Self-Firing Wedding Fireworks Packages

Whether you’re down to the bare bones of your budget or just want to enjoy the buzz of setting off your own fireworks display, our self-firing package, available from £395, is the perfect solution.

You get enough fireworks for a five-minute display, a remote ignition kit to help you set them off from a safe distance, and a guide on how to lay them out to ensure you get the very best display possible.

The per-minute cost of this display is from £79 per minute.

Silver Wedding Fireworks Packages

Our displays then go up in price depending on the length of the display as well as on the size and quantity of some of the fireworks; our wedding displays are sometimes the only place you’ll see some of our biggest and best fireworks, particularly big rockets, in action.

A silver wedding fireworks package, from £595, gives you a colourful display from one central firing location, with a grand finale of professional display shells.

The per-minute cost of this display is from £119 per minute.

Gold Wedding Fireworks Packages

Our gold packages see your display extended to seven minutes and are available from £745. The size of this display means two or three firing sites are necessary, and the size and quantity of the professional display shells used for the grand finale also increase.

This again is a very colourful display, and due to the wide availability of specific fireworks, we can easily tailor the display to match any specific colour theme your wedding has used.

The per-minute cost of this display is from £106 per minute.

Platinum Wedding Fireworks Packages

Our platinum package is our most popular display. Priced from £995 and offering you a nine-minute display, this package provides a very intricate display from three or four firing sites, using our digital firing system to ensure the timing and small details of your wedding fireworks show are spot-on.

There’s barely time to blink during this display as the sky fills with amazing noise and effects for close to the full duration of the display.
The per-minute cost of this display is from £110 per minute.

Diamond Wedding Fireworks Packages

Our top of the range display gives you an incredible 12-minute long firework experience while still only costing from £1495.

This display is filled with professional-grade fireworks that you’d be otherwise unable to buy and experience for yourself and is sure to take your breath away.

The per-minute cost of this display is from £124 per minute.

Musical Wedding Fireworks Displays

Pyromusical – or fireworks set to music if people don’t get the obvious definition – is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, and is often a great way for a couple to listen to ‘their song’ while experiencing a jaw-dropping, powerful fireworks display.

We’ve even been to weddings where the fireworks display has replaced the traditional first dance, not a bad option if you have two left feet!

The beauty of a musical fireworks display is that you’re getting far more than just your fireworks fired while music plays. The fireworks are choreographed to the music, too!

While we cannot give a specific per-minute price for these displays, as it depends largely on the song you have chosen and the type of fireworks we need to use to give you a great display, these are priced from £1295.

Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks by Firework Crazy from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.

Choose Low Noise Options Too!

Our extensive range of low noise fireworks means all of our displays are available using low noise products instead.

This is a great option if you want to experience a spectacular wedding fireworks display but face restrictions around noise, which you may if you are getting married on or near a farm, or somewhere like a country estate where you may need to be considerate of others who are staying there but aren’t at your wedding.

Low Noise Wedding Firework Display by Firework Crazy from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.

How Much Should Your Wedding Fireworks Cost?

While you can choose your wedding fireworks display based on your budget, we believe there is much better value in looking at our display packages rather than choosing a pay-by-the-minute option. Even if you do have a large wedding budget, why spend more than you need to?

Give us a call on 01245 35 44 22 to discuss your budget and your requirements for your wedding fireworks display. All our displays can be tailored to your own circumstances and preferences, and we know you’ll save money when you choose us.

Check out our videos at and get in touch. If you’re in the Essex area head to our Chelmsford showroom, we’ll stick the kettle on and sit down to discuss your wedding fireworks needs.

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