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What is the World’s Largest Ever Firework?

Here at Firework Crazy we think we have some of the best big rockets in the whole world for you to enjoy. When we hold wedding fireworks displays we’re able to go a little further with even bigger rockets, often using professional display shells to ensure a memorable, noisy, and colourful display that everyone enjoys.
As much as we’ll always stand up for our own incredible range of products and the value of our professional displays, when it comes to the world’s largest fireworks we happily doff our cap to two Guinness World Record holders.

The World’s Largest Firework Rocket

Everyone who loves fireworks loves rockets, and the only word to describe this one is definitely “wow!”
The world’s largest rocket was created in the United States by Dave Ferguson and the BFR Boys, and was launched in Hawthorne, Nevada, on September 27th 2014. The rocket weighed just over 97kg.
The below video from YouTube shows the final assembly of the rocket prior to the world record attempt – you can build the largest rocket but if it doesn’t fire, it doesn’t count as a world record (tough crowd those at Guinness World Records are!) – in the rain at the launch site, before moving onto the spectacular show itself. We reacted like the live audience and we were just watching it online!

The World’s Largest Firework Shell

While we’re sure you’ll agree that the world’s largest firework rocket is hugely impressive, it in some respects pales into insignificance when up against this example from Japan. Fired on October 11th 2014, at the 13th Kounosu Fireworks Festival, the shell, which you can see fired around the 3:20 mark of the video below, weighed in at almost 465kg. This firework was produced by Alps Fireworks Industry Co.

Read the Guinness World Records entry here. Guinness World Records love this one so much they even revisited it in early 2016.
What are the biggest fireworks you have ever seen? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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