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What is the British Pyrotechnists Association?

When picking a fireworks display group for your wedding or another such event, you’ll be advised to find someone with a BPA membership. What is the BPA – the British Pyrotechnists Association? Time to see what kind of organisation the BPA is and why you want to use firework groups that are part of it.

The British Pyrotechnists Association

fireworks display
BPA is a trade body, which represents professional firework display companies in the UK. Its members operate in a variety of ways from manufacturing fireworks to transporting them – they can also be part of the training and performance of firework displays.
To become a member, the firework company or group must apply and meet special criteria. The membership criteria include conditions like:

  • A minimum turnover on professionally fired displays
  • ADR trained drivers
  • HSE or Local Authority licenced facilities
  • A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)
  • Evidence of two years Employee, Product and Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million

As a member of the BPA, groups must follow the specific Code of Practice to ensure high standards of operation. As a benefit, companies have access to the latest information in the field of fireworks and representation on various governmental and industry organisations and committees. The Association keeps a close eye on the UK or European legislation that might affect the sale, storage or use of fireworks, giving its recommendations on the various legislative suggestions.
Aside from operating as a trade body, the BPA is also in charge of the examination body that trains groups to adhere to the highest standards of firework display safety. The qualification ensures the firework display group has professional ability to set up a display and fire fireworks.

Why should you choose firework display groups with BPA membership?

fireworks display aerial view
How does the above benefit you? If you’re planning to have fireworks at your wedding, can’t you just pick any group you find of the Internet? You could, but you might risk having a proper show on your big day. There are actual benefits to using a firework display group that’s accredited by the BPA.
High level of professionalism. Since you can’t just become a member of the BPA, any group with membership is bound to display a high level of professionalism. The group will have access to more information and they would have a wealth of experience in setting up professional displays.
High safety standards. Fireworks can be nasty and you don’t want to mess around when using them. When it comes to organising a big display, you certainly want to use professionals who know what they are doing – even when things go wrong. When you use a firework display group with a BPA accreditation, you are guaranteed to have a saver display as a result.
Indeed, certain venues for hire might not even accept firework groups that aren’t BPA accredited. Therefore, it never hurts to check the group’s website – or to ask them directly – whether they are part of this important association or not.
Here at Firework Crazy we are members of the British Pyrotechnists Association and even run regular courses to help people become qualified fireworks firers. So whether you’re shopping for fireworks or looking for a professional display group, we will follow the highest safety and quality standards.

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