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What are the Regulations Around Shipping Fireworks?

When it comes to sending packages, fireworks aren’t your typical delivery item. These fantastic colourful products are, after all, dangerous explosive, so delivery regulations are tightly monitored.
So, can fireworks be shipped and what sorts of rules govern the delivery of these products? Here’s a quick look into how fireworks are shipped from the factory to your front door.

Importance of Classification

When it comes to both mainland and international delivery, the firework classification plays a crucial role in deciding the delivery options. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand how the classification system works.
Classification of any specific firework is decided by using one of the below methods:

  • UN test results and information given by the manufacturer
  • By using the British the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or Explosives Storage and Transport Committee classification
  • Technical documents showing the performance
  • By local national authority

All fireworks used in the country need to have an assigned classification.Once the classification is provided by one of the above authorities, the firework is also provided with a Competent Authority Document (CAD). This can then be used to assign an appropriate shipping method for the firework.

International Delivery

Fireworks are developed all around the world – most of our fireworks, for example, come from China. But manufacturers can’t just pack up the fireworks and send them to the UK – they need extensive documentation to ensure safe shipping of these products.
For international deliveries, both the importer and manufacturer of the fireworks need to hold a valid CAD document. This must be always available during shipping.
Furthermore, the importing authority and manufacturer must provide supporting documentation to HSE. For example, all the fireworks imported into the country must meet the safety regulations.

Mainland Delivery

Because of the explosive nature of fireworks, deliveries between countries are generally not available. As mentioned above, importers need to have extensive documentation to allow imports.
Furthermore, the products can never be sent through the post. All fireworks delivered to your home will be made through a special courier system and are marked clearly as explosives.
It’s also a good idea to note that your car insurance might be affected if you transport large amounts of fireworks without a license! It’s always a good idea to check with your insurer to ensure you don’t get into trouble.
To ensure your fireworks are safe to use and won’t cause a problem during delivery, you should only buy fireworks from professional and licensed retailers. This guarantees you are getting the product you want and it will keep you and your loved ones safe.
When you are shopping for fireworks, you’ll be instantly able to see whether the product can be delivered to your home address or not. Just keep in mind that fireworks can only be shipped in mainland UK! If you are looking to buy fireworks elsewhere, you should contact the retailer to see if they have a shop near where you live or find another local retailer.
Fireworks can be delivered safely to your home address in some instances. If you have any questions regarding our delivery policies, check the website and contact us for more information!

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