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Top Tips to Help Plan Your Party

It’s great you have decided to use fireworks to give your party the wow factor, here are some more ideas to help you plan your party.

                                         Image Credit: Abbey via Flickr, under CC by SA 2.0

The Date 

Before setting the date make sure the most important guests will be able to attend. Have a look for some party invitations like these.As soon as you have decided on the date send out your invitations, even for small gatherings it is good to give people plenty of notice so make sure you send your invitations out early to ensure maximum attendance.


Parties don’t always need an additional theme but if you have decided to have a theme thenlet your guests know on the invitation, particularly if it is fancy dress.  There are loads of great party shops around online and on the high street so get your decorations early to give you time to be organised on the day.

                  Image Credit:Abbey Hendricksonvia Flickr, under CC by SA 2.0
If you are holding the party at home think about lighting for areas like the kitchen, no-one likes standing under strip lighting at a party so if you don’t have side lighting put a table lamp in the kitchen for a softer atmosphere.


It’s always nice to make an effort but you don’t want to spend the whole time slaving in the kitchen so here are some ideas to cut down time spent preparing food:

  • Have a food theme – for example, cheese & wine, champagne & desserts or a retro fondue
  • Use a caterer – you may be surprised how cost effective caterers can be nowadays
  • Or, order from a supermarket– a lot of supermarkets (including M&S and Waitrose) now offer a food ordering service so you can pick up the food early in the day and not have to worry
  • Ask friends for help – don’t feel you have to do it all yourself, if guests offer to help or bring food then bite their hand off!

                                 Image Credit: Ian Sane via Flickr, under CC by SA 2.0
If you are going to do the food yourself prepare what you can in advance, think about serving a cold buffet so food can be baked earlier in the day.  Use your invitations to let guests know what to expect, for example, drinks & nibbles or cheese &wine, etc.
You may need extra plates and cutlery, either buy disposables or ask friends and family if you can borrow some.


No-one wants to run out of drink at a party so cater for approximately 6 drinks per guest and make sure you have plenty of glasses, you can hire glasses from superstores or off-licences when you purchase your alcohol.
Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a bottle, you can add this onto the invitations.


Plan your playlist in advance, try to have some classic party songs timed for when your guests arrive and again later on in the evening once the party is in full swing.

                                Image Credit:  ganzo. via Flickr, under CC by SA 2.0

A few more tips for parties at home 

  • Don’t forget your camera
  • Nominate a family member to be in charge of filling up drinks, no-one wants an empty glass at a party
  • Clear space in your cloakroom or hall for guests to hang their coats when they arrive
  • Make sure you have a couple of corkscrews
  • Remember to stock up on toilet roll!  

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By Shaaron Sargent from

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