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Top 6 Fireworks for Diwali 2018

The Hindu Festival of Light takes place soon and it’s time to start preparing your fireworks display. Diwali and fireworks go hand in hand and we have a range of lovely fireworks to brighten your celebrations.

What is Diwali and When Does It Take Place in 2018?

Diwali is a Hindu festival that’s celebrated everywhere with large populations of Hindus. According to the folklore, Prince Rama and his wife Princess Sita were banished from their kingdom by Rama’s stepmother. They lived in a forest until one day they were able to return. To mark their return, everyone lit up lamps to guide them – which is why candles and fireworks remain a big part of the celebrations to this day!

In 2018, Diwali takes place on November 7, right after Bonfire Night. To mark the occasion, people organise street parties, eat tasty treats and, of course, light up fireworks!

The Best Fireworks for Diwali 2018

If you want to create a beautiful fireworks display to celebrate Diwali, then here are our favourite fireworks to pick.

Rise of the Dawn by Pyro King

Compound fireworks are superb because you can use them as a standalone display or add to a bigger display. Rise of the Dawn is one of our favourites and it fits the theme of Diwali perfectly.

The compound lasts for 90 seconds during which you get to enjoy 150 shots of varying effects. There are peonies, bouquets and crackle effects to brighten the night sky. This is one of our newest compound fireworks and we predict it to be a big hit.

You can buy Rise of the Dawn for £99.99 and save £60.


King Cobra Rockets by Absolute Fireworks

A good fireworks display always needs rockets. Our pick for your Diwali display is the multi-pack of King Cobra rockets. The two rockets are bright and they linger on the sky for a long time.

You can save £10 and buy the rockets for £54.99.


Obelisk by Kimbolton Fireworks

You might also want to add a few rapid-fire fireworks to your display. Obelisk is guaranteed to catch people’s attention because it fires an impressive 300 shots in the space of 35 seconds. It’s the perfect firework to celebrate light.

You can purchase Obelisk for £37.49.


Mystic Fountain by Zeus Fireworks

Fountains are fireworks that excite and fill gaps in your display. One great fountain to add to a Diwali fireworks display is Mystic Fountain. It lasts for 90 seconds, shooting blue, red, silver and gold strobes in the night sky.

You can get Mystic Fountain for £8.99.


Royal Glitter Wheel by Zeus Fireworks

For a stunning effect, you could opt for a wheel. This is great if you don’t have a lot of room and you want something different. The Royal Glitter Wheel is one of our new fireworks for 2018 and it’s a lovely low-noise product. It features lots of crackle and bursts of red, green and titanium.

You can buy Royal Glitter Wheel for £17.49.


Illuminate by Pyro King

Now, if you’d like to sort your Diwali fireworks at one go, you might consider a Single Ignition Box. Illuminate is a 100-second firework that fires a range of effects from glitter to comets. There are colours and sound effects to impress the crowds.

You can buy Illuminate for £129.99.


With these fireworks, you can create the perfect Diwali display!

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