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Top 5 Roman Candles

Roman candles are one of the most favourite types of fireworks in the world. It isn’t any wonder, as roman candles represent everything fireworks have to offer – a variety of effects from colourful few shots to bursts of crackling shots.
Picking the best roman candles is almost an impossible task, but we’ve selected five favourites for you to enjoy.

1. Planet Fireworks: Illusion Candle

The Illusion Candle is a tall roman candle with a stunning amount of shots to enjoy. You might find it hard to believe the candle will fire 280 shots into the night sky.
The Illusion Candle comes with a variety of colours and you’ll get to enjoy beautiful effects of these glittering stars. It isn’t any wonder to usthat the Illusion Candle is one of our most loved roman candles.
On top of this, the candle is a low noise product, so it’s perfect for children’s parties!

2. BlackCat/Standard: Spectrum Candles

If you are after something traditional yet exciting, the Spectrum Candles firework is a must-have roman candle. It packs in eight shots, with each candle creating a unique effect.
The firework also last 30 seconds, which is an impressive duration for an eight shot pack. The long hang time means the blooming flower and changing leave effects are a beautiful addition to your display.
You might want to sit down when you hear the price! Our May Madnesssale has slashed the price by 60% to £2.79 – you better get yours soon!

3. Vulcan: 56 Shot Whistling Candle

The 56 Shot Whistling Candle is one of our newest roman candles and we’ve already fallen in love with it!
The shots shoot up to height of 20 metres in a straight firing pattern. The show lasts for 30 seconds and creates an amazing whistling sound. No wonder children love this product!
The video below uses two candle packs, which are shot in a V formation. It creates a fantastic look you could use in your display as well!

4.Vulcan: AckAck Barrage

You could describe this roman candle with the word rapid, but we don’t think it does justice to the product. The AckAck Barrage by Vulcan fires a staggering 360 shots in just 25 seconds – it’s like the Usain Bolt of fireworks!
It’s a fantastic way to catch your audience’s attention and the roman candle would be a great surprising way to start your display. You can also combine it with a big rocket for maximum effect!

5.Shellscape: Shanghai Candle – Crackling Comet

When it comes to roman candles, the shanghai candles are among the best you can get. The candles have been a stable part of professional and semi-professional displays for years and now you can enjoy them in your display!
The Crackling Comet by Shellscape is a great pick and with ten shots, it is great value for money. The crackling tail doesn’t create a lot of noise, although the little thud at the start is a noise every fireworks fanatic loves!

If you are looking for something fun and simple, then roman candles are great fireworks to pick. Check out the rest of our collection and enjoy the colourful bursts of fun!

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