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Top 5 Fountains

Fountains have been a stable part of fireworks displays for a long time. They add a bit of zest to the start of a display and create an impressive setting for your show right from the get-go.
Fountains come in different colours and effects, from tall dramatic looks to colourful little bursts. Although they make a great addition to a typical fireworks display, you can use fountain-fireworks as standalone displays in different occasions as well.
Below are five of our favourite fountain-fireworks and suggestions on how to use them.

1. Fireworks International: Crackling Snake

Crackling Snake is a stunning little fountain. It provides a crackling sparkle for 60 seconds, providing you a lovely, whistling sound and plenty of sparkle.
The long snake-like firework can be attached to a long post and the effect will see the crackling climb from the bottom to the top. If you buy two of these, you could easily use them on either side of an entrance to your party or by having another fountain in the middle.

2.Royal Party: Fire Phoenix

The Royal Party has provided us with some amazing fireworks and the company’s Fire Phoenix is a fountain that goes the extra mile. You’ll get to enjoy three different effects with this conical fountain.
You’ll see a selection of amazing silver sparks, multi-coloured stars and gold crackling. The fountain reaches heights up to 20 feet, so it’ll definitely create a stunning scene.
As it is one of our garden fireworks, you should definitely consider adding this to your garden parties.

3. Jorge: White Strobes

With White Strobes, you’ll get exactly what it says on the package – a stunning white strobe effect that lasts 60 seconds. The fountain is a low-noise product, which you can use as part of a bigger display.
The blinking strobe effect can create some stunning eerie effects, so this would be fantastic for a Halloween party! Play some haunting music and add the strobes to the back of your garden and your friends won’t know what hit them!

4. Royal Party: Amazing Spray

Amazing Spray is another fantastic fountain by Royal Party. Not only will you be able to enjoy stunning effects, you’ll get nine different fountain-fireworks in one box!
The 75-second display is full of colour with red, green, golden and blue flicker. The fountain can reach heights up to three meters.
We’d definitely recommend adding this firework to your parties. It could be a great part of your wedding ceremony’s grand finale!

5. Brothers Pyrotechincs: Krazy Klock

This final fountain on our list sold out so fast the last time we had it on our collection that we just had to have some more of it. Krazy Klock is a funky fountain, with amazing effects to wow your audience.
The 90-second extravaganza will provide colours, whistling sounds and crackling sparkles. It is perfect fountain to add to children’s parties. Buy some glowing sticks for the kids to wave as you light up the fountain and you are sure to fill your garden with laughter!

Fountains are great for setting up the scene to your display or to add a bit of glamour to your garden party. If you want to find more ideas, then look at our fountain collection for more amazing effects!

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