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Top 10 New Fireworks from Klasek for Any Budget

Fireworks come in all shapes and sizes. The great thing about them is that there’s a firework for every budget, guaranteeing you get to enjoy them no matter how much you have to spare. In our series of new fireworks, it’s time to reveal our favourite 10 fireworks from Klasek with varied budgets in mind.

Klasek has been distributing fireworks in the UK for several years. They have a lot of fun cakes and compounds that have entertained our customers. The best thing about the brand is definitely its versatility. You can find all sorts of fireworks for your display and these new fireworks are proof of that!

Please note prices quoted were correct at time of writing and are subject to change. Always check the website for the latest prices and deals.

Stroboskop Maly

The firework pack contains four white strobes to add to your display. These are suited for garden use so it would be a great way to start your display. Just add a few cakes and rockets and you’re good to go!

Stroboskop Maly is just £1 and it comes with a 33% discount!

Dymovničky Coloured Smoke Bombs

You might also love these stunning coloured smoke bombs. The pack contains six bombs with the colours including green, yellow and pink, for instance. Each bomb lasts around 10 seconds and these could be used in gender reveal parties among other things!

You can buy Dymovničky Coloured Smoke Bombs for just £1.50.

Frankinson Harley

Klasek also knows how to make beautiful mini-displays and Frankinson Harley is a perfect example of this. The 16-shot firework produces stunning golden palms with green stars and beautiful crackle flowers. There’s even a bit of silver glitter thrown into the mix.

Buy Frankinson Harley for £8.99 and save 18%.

Fountain Mine (75mm)

Your display would also benefit from this beautiful mine. The pack includes two 75mm mines, which have a dual effect. You get a fountain and whistle start that then turns into a massive crackle to silver strobe mine. Fountain Mine is a great firework that lasts for 40 seconds.

Enjoy 20% off and buy Fountain Mine (75mm) for £19.99.

Spinner Fountain

When you want something a bit different, Spinner Fountain is a great pick. The fountain starts as you would expect, creating a lovely vertical column of silver sparks. But you’ll soon notice the firework spinning! This generates a beautiful lotus flower –style impact.

You can buy Spinner Fountain for £24.99.

VIP Nights

You wouldn’t believe that this big firework is suited for garden use but it’s true! The 30-second firework generates 49 shots of gold brocade bursts with purple stars. It fires in a Z-firing pattern creating a unique feel to the firework.

You can get 13% off and buy VIP Nights for £34.99.

RSS100 Signature Rocket Pack

Klasek also has great rockets you can add to your display. This pack of five produces stunning effects. They range from glittering golden palms with green stars to crackling golden palms with red stars. These are big rockets that require a minimum of 25 meters safety distance.

You can save 25% and buy RSS100 Signature Rocket Pack for £44.99.

Screaming UFO’s

This funnily named firework is a stunning whistle cake. For 30 seconds, you can enjoy 66 shots of silver whistling tails and bright multi-coloured stars. It’s a wonderful firework that looks good even as a standalone item.

You can buy Screaming UFO’s for £69.99 and save 7%.

BOBR (Strike)

Single Ignition Boxes are perfect for an easy and smooth firework display. BOBR is a great new SIB with an affordable price tag. You get 134 shots and lots of vivid colours. The firing patterns and effects are mixed so you get a bit of everything with this one.

Get 25% off and buy BOBR (Strike) for £89.99.

Show Must Go On

The cake is a beautiful 60-second firework with lots of effects. The start provides a huge burst of red stars with silver glitter. You then also get to enjoy peonies, starbursts and pistils. The fanned glittering brocade finish is breath-taking!

We’re currently offering you a 15% discount, selling Show Must Go On for just £109.99.

The above ten fireworks suit all budgets and provide a lot of variety for your displays.

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