Top 10 New Fireworks from Celtic Fireworks for Any Budget

Our range of new fireworks for firework season 2019 is not over yet! We work with so many amazing brands which means there are lots more fireworks to introduce you to. Today, we’ll be looking at new fireworks from Celtic Fireworks – and making sure you can enjoy the newest items no matter what your budget is!

Celtic Fireworks is one of the UK’s biggest firework teams. They have brought multiple Category F4 fireworks over the years and in 2019, they added a huge amount of new fireworks to their selection. We’ll be introducing you to ten of the best. There’s a firework in this list for all budget so you can pick what you like the most for your end-of-the-year parties.

Prices quoted were correct at time of writing and are subject to change. For the most accurate pricing information, please visit our website homepage and search for your favourite fireworks.

Bite Me Harder

Bite Me Harder is actually an improved version of Bite Me and we believe this 36-shot firework to become a big hit. The garden firework shoots red and green peonies along with beautiful titanium crackling.

You can save 33% and buy Bite Me Harder for £7.99.


Fluff is another wonderful garden firework, meaning you’ll only need eight metres for safety distance. On top of it, it’s a low noise firework! Fluff lasts for 30 seconds, shooting 16 stunning shots.

Buy Fluff for £8.99 and save 18%.

Tick Tock Boom

When you want a bit of colour and fun for your garden display, get Tick Tock Boom. The 20-shot cake shoots red, green and blue stars to beautiful silver rain. It lasts for 20 seconds and you can use this firework in a garden display.

We’re currently offering 23% off and you can buy Tick Tock Boom for £9.99.

Disco Balls

In terms of mid-budget fireworks, Celtic has plenty of stunning newcomers. Disco Balls is one of the funniest with its 19 shots of pure joy. You get alternating bursts of red tails to red stars with silver glitter and purple tails to purple stars with green glitter. It’s so much fun!

You can buy Disco Balls for £17.99 and get 18% off.

Double Dynamite

Double Dynamite is an elegant firework to add to your display. Its colour range is stunning, alternating between bursts of pink, blue and gold. The 25-second firework also produces a lovely crackling effect.

Get 19% off and buy Double Dynamite for £21.99.

Take Cover

Take Cover is a massive new dump cake from Celtic. The fanned cake fires 25 shots in just five seconds. While this stunning firework is a Category F2 firework, we would recommend you leave at least a minimum of 20 meters for safety. It’s that big!

You can save 25% and buy Take Cover for £23.99.


Brexit is another new fanned cake from Celtic Fireworks and the perfectly named firework would be a great addition to this year’s displays. The massive bursts of effects and sounds create a cool effect – everyone can agree that this is a good Brexit!

Get Brexit for £24.99 and save 22%.

Frogs in a Blender

For 30 seconds, you can enjoy beautiful, haunting green starbursts with a cool red flitter effect. This firework is amazing and extremely fun. You can use it on its own or combine it with big rockets for a stunning look.

We’re currently offering 19% off, as you can buy Frogs in a Blender for £38.99.

Super Crack

Celtic Fireworks also has plenty of big fireworks. One of the best new ones for 2019 is this 100-shot cake. It has a beautiful layered effect of crackling mine to crackling cloud. The firework lasts for 40 seconds generating a lot of light in the darkness.

You can buy Super Crack for £47.99 and enjoy 14% off.

Glittering Ghost

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, then Glittering Ghost is one of the most beautiful new fireworks we’ve seen. The ghost effect is so unique that it’s hard to describe it. It looks like the firework has no aerial effect but then suddenly you see a shimmering cloud of red glitter. This is a stunning addition to a display!

You can buy Glittering Ghost for £59.99 and save 20%.

So, there you have it – 10 stunning fireworks from Celtic Fireworks for all budgets.

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