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Top 10 Fireworks for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a big event for us firework lovers whether celebrating the occasion or not, and another great reason to throw a party. The Year of the Sheep will start on February 19 and you can celebrate the occasion with these 10 fantastic fireworks.

1. Krazy Klock

You can start the countdown to your party with this funky Krazy Klock firework by the Brothers Pyrotechnics. The firework is a funky garden wheel that lasts for 90 seconds. It spins in a variety of colours creating fantastic whistling and crackling sounds.

2. Crackling Snake

Snake is among the animals featured in the Chinese lunar calendar and you can add a bit of animal flair to your Chinese New Year party with this Crackling Snake by Fireworks International; a sweet fountain shooting shots in a spiralling fashion.

3. Sajgon Big Craker Pro

Another stunning addition to your party is this Sajgon Big Craker Pro by Jorge. The firework fires an astonishing 49 shots in golden sparkling colours, creating the perfect showstopper for any display. The firework is a must-buy if you are looking to impress.

4. Star Fleet

Your firework display must have some stunning rockets as well and there isn’t much better than Star Fleet by Brothers Pyrotechnics. You’ll get 10 great 1.3g rockets, which add plenty of colour and noise. The effects also vary in each rocket, giving you dahlias, strobes and falling fish to light up the night sky.

5. Manta

One of the colours closely associated with Chinese New Year is red and the Manta firework by Tai Pan is a great burst of red to launch into the night sky. The firework also has stunning purple stars and splashes of silver glitter to impress. Manta comes with plenty of funky colours in its 42 shots.

6. Orinoko

Orinoko by Jorge is one of our most popular fireworks, a year-round top seller! Orinoko fits the New Year celebrations with its bursts of blue stars and silver fish sparkles.

7. 56 Shot Magnolia Candle

Roman candles are the kind of fireworks that form the core of a great firework display. If you want to add a few magnificent and impressive shots to your celebrations, then pick the 56 Shot Magnolia Candle. The effect is a stunning silver strobe burst and the shots will be great fillers for the overall display.

8. Fire Phoenix

Fountains are magical fireworks to add to any event and they perfectly fit the firework display for Chinese New Year. The Fire Phoenix fountain comes in three different effects, creating sparks, stars and crackling. It’s also a firework to take control of the skies, as it reaches a height of 20 feet!

9. Lock and Load

The legend says that the great evil spirit of Nian was scared back into the mountains with crackling fire and the Lock and Load by Skycrafter is a perfect way to make sure the monster doesn’t eat you this year! It shoots up a constant stream of fireworks into the night sky in a variety of colours.

10. 4-King Marvelous

If you are looking for a one final piece to your display, then Brothers Pyrotechnics’ 4-King Marvelous is a perfect pick. It is four rockets with 1.3g of firepower, so you’ll get a magnificent finish to your display.

Chinese New Year is a fantastic event and according to British law you are even able to shoot fireworks until 1am during the event! Go ahead and look at our website for more ideas.

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