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Tesco Fireworks vs. Firework Crazy: Who's Cheaper?

It’s that time of year again.
People who saw a fireworks display towards the end of 2015 and thought “I’ll definitely do one next year” are starting to put their plans into action. Unfortunately a huge proportion of these people – let’s call them the uninitiated, but in a nice way – go and buy their fireworks at a supermarket.
While buying fireworks from the supermarket may be easy to do and convenient, buying your fireworks there means you’re usually going to spend more money and definitely won’t get to choose from the best possible range of fireworks.
As the countdown to Bonfire Night continues, we’ve taken a look at what Tesco are offering this year and looked at how their prices compare to Firework Crazy.

Tesco’s Firework Range

Tesco’s website is currently still showing products labelled as 2015, so it is entirely possible they haven’t updated their ranges yet – or it may be that they know they can’t compete with Firework Crazy so have decided not to bother this year!
Here’s an overview of what they’re currently stocking and the price comparison with Firework Crazy.
Both are from the Black Cat / Standard Fireworks range. Prices quoted are correct as of 5th October 2016.


This is an incredible 55 shot cake. Unfortunately Tesco want to charge you over £1 per shot!
At Tesco you can buy Vengeance for £60.
At Firework Crazy you can save 50% and add Vengeance to your display for just £29.99.
Check out the below video of this brilliant firework to see exactly what great value you get at the Firework Crazy price!


Another firework where Tesco are asking you to cough up more than £1 per shot. They’ve got Retribution for sale on their website at the top price of £85!
With Firework Crazy you again save 50%, and can add Retribution to your display for just £42.50.

Tesco Fireworks vs. Firework Crazy? It’s a No Brainer!

We think the prices speak for themselves, don’t you?
Tesco’s entire range also comprises of a paltry 47 products! If you’re serious about making your fireworks display one to remember, make Firework Crazy your destination where you’ll find the best range of fireworks in the UK, at the lowest prices.

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