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Santa Tecla Festival 2018

Don’t let the famous Spanish fiesta fool you. The country knows how to throw a festival that includes dancing all night long, tasty food to eat until you’re too full, and, of course, colourful fireworks to make it all a bit more exciting. Yes, it’s time to talk about the Santa Tecla Festival 2018!

How did the festival get started?

Santa Tecla’s story has been told to people of Tarragona since ancient times. The festival properly started during the period of Reconquest, with people taking to streets to celebrate the saint of Santa Tecla. The festival has gathered the crowds in the region for centuries – everyone is welcome to participate.

A big part of the reason the festival has gotten so popular is the competitions. Castellers, or the human castles, come to town from the neighbouring cities and compete for the highest human tower. You can see this in action in the clip below:


The festival also has a history of societal commentary. The giant wooden figures created by different neighbourhoods often depict politicians and celebrities. This is sometimes in honour and sometimes, well, the figures are burned in the end so you can draw your conclusions! Nonetheless, it’s a lot of fun and the massive creations are sure to impress even the most cynical.

Santa Tecla is an enormous festival with a long history. This has been recognised by both the Spanish and the Catalonian Government, as the festival is a Festival of National Interest.

When is Santa Tecla Festival 2018?

Santa Tecla Festival 2018 will take place at the end of September. The celebrations start on September 15 and end on September 24. Throughout these days, the city of Tarragona will be home to lots of dancing, drinking, eating and having fun!

The main celebration surrounds the traditional parade. This is when the large carnival figures and characters travel through the streets of Tarragona. It all involves a lot of costumes, music and plenty of fire. This event happens on the 23rd of September but you can see the figurines throughout the week.

Most of the festivities take place in Tarragona’s old town, Part Alta. It’s a lovely part of town and its narrow streets give the festival an intimate feel. You can find more information about the festival and the beautiful city of Tarragona on the official tourism website.

And the fireworks?

But what about the fireworks? Don’t worry, Santa Tecla festival will feature plenty of fireworks – crackers are a big favourite! Fireworks can be enjoyed on most days but the biggest explosions will happen on the 23rd and 24th.

So, if you’re thinking of something fun to do to celebrate the end of summer, then why not take a flight down to Barcelona? The city is close to Tarragona and you can visit the festivities for a day or two.

If you can’t make it to Spain this year, you could always create some Spanish magic in your back garden. Check out the Firework Crazy website for our latest firework offers!

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