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Tsunami by Riakeo Fireworks

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  • Distance
    25 Metres
  • Duration
    120 Secs
  • Shots
  • Noise Level
  • Height
    35 Metres
  • Firing Pattern
  • Tube Size
  • Hazard Class
  • Powder Weight

NEW FOR 2023


Tsunami is actually a box of two compounds ignitions which can be fired individually or linked to make one larger firework. Starting with an unusual effect of strobing red tails pulse firing to monster bursts (you wouldn’t expect anything else from 30mm 1.3g tubes) of Diamond white blink and red dahlia stars. The same to green dahlia and deep red blink, green stars with orange dahlia and gold blink with violet dahlia. A VERY wide W firing section follows with red palm and blue stars flanked by gold brocades and orange and red strobe stars. Thick gold ti-brocade tails rise to gold brocade to red, then to green, purple and blue. Next follows a Z firing section of silver wave which burst almost like a time warp before a fanned volley of the same with a chrysanthemum crackle cloud (this finished cake 1!). CAke 2 starts with alternating pulse firing volleys of red and blue dahlia with silver wintersweet and thick ti-gold brocade palms with red ghost. W firing bursts of palms with red, pink and blue dahlias follows. Crackling comet tails then rise to crackling palms with red, green, blue and orange before a multi-lift finale of blue bouquets, crackling brocade mines and gold crackling palms with violet dahlia stars. Truly spectucular.


Information is for both cakes.


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Tsunami by Riakeo Fireworks
Tsunami by Riakeo Fireworks
365.99 18% off£299.99

Availability: In stock

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