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Maverick by Evolution Fireworks

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  • Firework Category
    Cat F3
  • Distance
    25 Metres
  • Shots
  • Duration
    60 Secs
  • Noise Level
  • Height
    25 Metres
  • Firing Pattern
  • Tube Size
  • Hazard Class
  • Powder Weight

NEW FOR 2023


You’d think that with a name like Maverick I’d be reeling off Top Gun quotes left, right and center, but I can’t think of any, yet….. Maverick starts with z-firing sweeping bursts of green strobe star tails rising to purple and orange dahlia with silver plum (plum is a term that’s used for the little fizzing balls, don’t ask me why they call them Plum) before a double fanned volley of green trobe mines, red tails to golden spiders with blue stars.


I absolutely love the following effect. Blue tails to silver coco and ti-gold coco, the silver and gold bursts entwined is a spectacular effect and the work of a true craftsman. A triple volley of W-Firing red flower crowns burst either side of a blue flower crown. A five fingered fan of red and gold coco with blue stars and gold strobe fill the sky before an onslaught of gold, green, yellow plum, silver strobe, red plum, moving stars, spiders, brocade crowns, and red and green flying fish finish this beast of a firework. I suppose with the rapid nature of Maverick, you could say. I feel the need, the need for speed! (I had to get one in somewhere)


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12.5 cm
Firework Category




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Firing Pattern

Tube Size

Hazard Class

Powder Weight


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Maverick by Evolution Fireworks
339.99 32% off£229.99

Availability: In stock

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