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New Novelty Fireworks & Sparklers for Firework Season 2019

Our look at all the new fireworks in our range for 2019 today moves onto sparklers and novelty fireworks.

Prices quoted below were correct at time of writing but are subject to change.

Rotáček Ground Spinner by Klasek

Klasek has sent a tonne of great novelty fireworks. This pack of six ground spinners is a funky little firework. These were banned in the UK for a while but they are now legal and a definite must-have. The firework spins for five seconds, emitting a vivid orang colour along with some sparks.

Buy Rotáček for £0.99 and enjoy a massive 34% off!

Bouchací Kuličky by Klasek

You might remember Fun Snaps and these are very similar style fireworks to those. When you throw these on the ground, they will make a little snap and pop. The box contains 75 snaps. While you only need a minimum one-metre safety distance, you should always use them outdoors!

You can buy Bouchací Kuličky for just £0.99.

Velké Bouchací Kuličky by Klasek

This is the big brother to the above firework. The snaps work the same with the exception that these are bigger! The box also contains 20 of these larger novelty fireworks.

Velké Bouchací Kuličky is available for £0.99.

Stroboskop Malÿ by Klasek

If you’re a fan of strobe effects, you’re going to love this little firework. The name literally translates to small strobe and you get a pack of four vivid white strobes. Each firework lasts for 20 seconds. We recommend using it as a starter for your garden display!

Get 33% off and buy Small Strobe for £1.

Bručoun Ground Spinner by Klasek

These ground spinners are wonderful and this version is slightly larger than the Rotáček mentioned above. This changes colour from red to green to yellow, lasting five seconds. The pack contains four fireworks in total.

You can buy Bručoun for £1.25 and enjoy 29% off.

Tazmánia Ground Spinner by Klasek

This is another spinner with a bang. The five-second firework has a red effect with a big crackling finish. A superb firework for a garden party.

Enjoy 29% off and buy Tazmánia for £1.25.

Crazy Ball by Klasek

We don’t unfortunately have a video out yet for this beauty but it’s a funky novelty firework for a party. The pack contains six balls that create a unique, crackling fountain effect. They only need a metre for safety distance but you have to use them outdoors!

Buy Crazy Ball for £1.50 and enjoy a 25% discount.

Dymovničky Coloured Smoke Bombs by Klasek

There are so many fun ways to use these smoke bombs as part of your party displays! The pack contains six colour bombs and you get red, green, blue, white and pink. Each smoke bomb goes on for around 10 seconds.

Remember that you cannot bring smoke bombs to football grounds, sports venues, public highways, nightclubs or festivals regardless of any permission given to you by the organiser!

Buy Dymovničky Coloured Smoke Bombs for £1.50.

Parachute Single Shot 25mm by Klasek

We also love these single-shot tube fireworks. They set off a coloured star on the air, which then floats back down using its own parachute. The effect is unique and extremely fun! The pack contains six of these shots.

Purchase Parachute for £9.99. We don’t have a film ready for this yet but it’s a funky little firework so stay tuned!

Neon Sparklers by Klasek

Finally, we have new stunning sparklers for your outdoor parties. Klasek’s Neon Sparklers come in two sizes. The 28 cm version lasts for 30 seconds and the pack contains 20 sparklers in four different colours. The sparkler pack costs £2.25.

The same sparklers are also available in a bigger size. The 40 cm sparklers last for around 60 seconds! This one comes with eight coloured sparklers in pink, blue, green and yellow. You can buy the 40 cm Neon Sparklers for £3.40.

Note that while many of the above sparklers and novelty fireworks don’t require a huge safety distance, they must always be used outdoors. With novelty fireworks, it’s also important to use them on a flat surface such as a road or patio.

These fun sparklers and novelty fireworks can add a further sense of fun to your party, even if you have loads of fireworks already planned.

Remember to keep coming back to the Firework Crazy blog as we continue the countdown to the end of the year!

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