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New Fireworks from Total FX for Firework Season 2019

Our new fireworks in 2019 have meant a lot of colours, effects and wonderful variation. We’ve added so many stunning pieces and it’s been a lot of fun introducing all these new fireworks for you all! Today, we’ll peak into the stunning fireworks from Total FX.

Total FX has produced one of our favourite compounds of all time with Caged Tiger Pro. For a long time, we only had that in the stock and it used to sell like crazy year after year. We’ve recently added more of the brand’s cakes and other fireworks into our selection and they continue to provide a lot of enjoyment for us! This year, we have lots of great new additions and we can’t wait for you to test them out.

Please note that the prices quoted below were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.


This cracking firework is a great addition to your party. The firework fires 13 shots of green tails to red-tipped pistils. There are lots of crackling flower effects as well and the show goes on for 24 seconds.

We’re currently offering Alchemy with a 20% discount and you can buy it for £7.99.

Black Magic

Black Magic is a similar type of firework to Alchemy except for the colours. This one shoots 19 shots of coloured tails to silver palms. There are also crackling flowers and silver pistils. The firing pattern is straight and the fireworks reach heights of up to 15 metres.

Enjoy 20% off and buy Black Magic for £7.99.


If you love elegant fireworks that don’t play around with too many confusing colours and effects, you’ll love Sorcerer. The firework fires 19 shots of elegant gold tails and willows. For a bit more impact, the cake also has a lovely red strobe effect. This is a great addition to display and it would work great with a few rockets.

You can get 9% off and buy Sorcerer for £9.99.


When you do want that colour in your display, check out Charmed. It’s similar to Sorcerer in everything but the fact that it fires blue tails to multi-coloured tipped palms. The strobe effect is a lovely silver tone that just makes all the other colours pop out more.

You can enjoy 13% off and buy Charmed for £9.99.

Caged Jaguar Pro

As mentioned, we have always loved the Caged Tiger Pro by Total FX. In 2019, we’re bringing out another massive compound by the brand that’s bound to be a hit. The firework lasts for 3 minutes and 30seconds. It’s packed full of colour and effects with a stunning mixed firing pattern to keep you on your toes.

You can buy Caged Jaguar Pro for £249.99 and save 11%.

And there you have it! Stunning new fireworks by Total FX for fireworks season 2019!

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