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Last Minute Tips for Your Office Christmas Party

December is here and party planning is in full swing. If you’re in charge of the dreaded office party, then here are last-minute tips for ensuring the party is remembered for all the right reasons!

Be Flexible

If you’ve still not booked a venue for your office Christmas party, you don’t necessarily have to panic. You just have to be flexible with what you look for. The easiest trick to find something nice is to forget about throwing a Friday party and just book something for the start of the week – just don’t expect anyone to be at the office early next day!

Entertain with Fireworks

Booking entertainment might be hard this close to December but it’s not impossible. One of the funniest ways to entertain your office crowd is by organising a fireworks display. You could book a professional group if you can find one but it’s also simple enough to create your own display.

You can find great fireworks from our website. Pick a selection box if you want something simple and easy to set up or go with individual rockets and fountain-fireworks for a DIY version. Fireworks can be a great way to start your office Christmas party – it gets everyone excited about the night ahead. Alternatively, fireworks can be fun to use right at the end of the party. They’ll make sure people don’t stay over forever!

Brighten Up with Sparklers

You don’t have to have a fancy and elaborative décor plan to make the party look the part. Sparklers are a great idea to brighten up the room. Just place some in glass vases for people to light up later during the night.

Sparklers can also make the buffet look more glamorous. You can turn a simple Christmas chocolate log into a sparkly show by adding a few sparklers on top of it.

Capture the Night with Photos

You could also hire a photographer or a photo booth to your party. It can be a great way to rein in those who love the free booze, as no one wants to look bad in photos! You’ll also create fun memories the employees can reminiscence throughout the year when the January blues sets in.

Provide a Way Home

Ensure everyone leaves with a smile on their face by organising some ways to help people to get home. You should check the nearby public transport options to know which would still be running and have a few cabs booked to make sure everyone avoids standing in a taxi line.

Don’t Stress

Office Christmas parties have a bit of a bad reputation. However, most still enjoy it as long as you keep it simple – food, drinks, and some fun entertainment and you’re good to go! So, avoid the panic and just focus on the small little things that make a party great and you’ll end up throwing a fun party.

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