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How to Store Leftover Fireworks Safely

If you bought fireworks for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, you may have some left that you didn’t use, or maybe you didn’t use any at all!
We previously blogged about when you are able to use leftover fireworks, but we wanted to share some more tips on how to best store your fireworks if you’re planning to keep them for a future celebration or occasion.
As fireworks are explosives, you can’t take the risk of storing them improperly!

The Key Requirements

First, your storage area should not have any flammable materials nearby, and you shouldn’t store fireworks next to a source of heat. Even something as simple and as seemingly innocuous as a hot water boiler or a radiator should not be close to your fireworks.
Furthermore, you shouldn’t keep your fireworks next to gas pipes, petrol or even cigarettes. Make sure you never smoke when handling fireworks or when you are standing next to them! Sounds like common sense, but much of the time fireworks accidents are caused in such a manner.
Second, your storage area should be as dry as possible. If your garden shed is very damp, it isn’t the best spot for your fireworks, unless you use tight containers. If your fireworks get moist, you should dispose of them safely. You should never attempt drying or firing a damp or a wet firework.
Keep in mind that rooms where the temperature changes a lot can easily get humid and are therefore not suitable for storing. This will rule out many commonly considered locations, including attics and cellars.
If you need to store your leftover fireworks in a shed, wrap them well in plastic carrier bags, professional storage boxes or well-sealed bin liners.
Third, make sure children or animals can’t get access to the fireworks. Leaving your fireworks behind a cupboard in the shed might not be enough to guarantee your children don’t stumble upon them, so make sure you place them in a lockable container if possible.

Do You Need a License?

Some types of fireworks cannot be stored indefinitely, at least without getting a permit. The current legislation states you don’t need to apply for a license if you are storing Hazard Type 4 fireworks for up to 50kg.
If you are using the fireworks for a commercial display or other such work-related activity, you will be able to keep up to 100kg of Hazard Type 3 fireworks. Keep in mind that you are only able to store them for 5 consecutive days, after which you’d need a licence.
If you are looking to store more fireworks than this, you need to contact your local licensing authority, which is often your council or in some instances your local fire and rescue authority. You can also ask for more information from your fireworks retailer.
As fireworks can be legally set off on any day of the year, there’s no reason you can’t just organise a little fireworks party for friends and family and dispose of your fireworks by lighting them and having a great display.
You can always just shop for more for your next big party!
Cover Image: By User:Surachit (Own work) [CC SA 1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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