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Five Fireworks for a Summer Party

Planning a fireworks show for a summer party? Then we have just the right fireworks for you to dazzle the crowds and add a bit of sparkle to your big night.

Please note all prices and deals quoted are correct as of 15/08/2018, but are subject to change.

Destiny Wheel by Brothers Pyrotechnic

A Catherine wheel is a unique firework that works on its own or as a part of a bigger display. Destiny Wheel is our new favourite. The 90-second firework produces silver and gold sparks, creating a beautiful and fun show of magic. This low-noise product is super affordable too, costing just £7.99!


Jumping Jelly Beans by Kimbolton Fireworks

Fireworks for summer should be colourful and fun. Jumping Jelly Beans has been a family favourite for decades and this classic fountain got a lovely update last year. The improved version features pastel colours and it lasts for 45-seconds. It’s another low-noise firework, which is guaranteed to get the kids buzzing. You can buy Jumping Jelly Beans for £9.99 and make your summer party a bit more whimsical!


Killer Scorpions by Fireworks International

Each year, we bring out new fireworks to help you create even better displays. One of the most exciting fireworks we added to our line-up this year is Killer Scorpions. The big cake shoots 25 shots, creating effects like the red wave, silver strobe, and crackling volleys. The 30-second firework is exhilarating – just like a summer night should be!

If you enjoy this firework, you can buy it online at our store. We’re now offering it with a £15 discount – you can find Killer Scorpions for £19.99 instead of the usual £34.99!


Maximum Impact by Tai Pan

Rockets make fireworks fans crazy and we think the bigger the better is a saying that applies to rockets. Maximum Impact is a pack of two rockets that fire to heights of up to 50 metres! One of the rockets creates a circle of gold brocade stars, with red tips and silver glittering pistils. The other generates a massive ball of strobing white stars on the night sky. This multipack is available for just £39.99!


Wap Candle by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks is constantly coming up with fun, new fireworks and Wap Candle is an exciting newcomer in their line-up. The candle has proven to be so popular that 95% of people order more than just one!

The firework shoots 56 shots in the space of 30-seconds. The effects include gold glitter and spinning tails. In the previous video below, we fired two Wap Candles in a V-formation. This is a great idea to keep in mind when designing your own display. You can find Wap for £10.49 at our online store.


Fireworks and summer parties – a match made in heaven

We’re currently experiencing stunning summer nights here in the UK and the best way to enjoy it is by having a party. No matter the size or reason for your party, fireworks will turn up the heat and add the wow-factor to your night.

So, pick the above five fireworks or check out our website for more amazing fireworks for a summer party!

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