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Five Fireworks for a Last Minute Bonfire Night Display

Bonfire Night is fast approaching but you still have time for those last minute preparations. We have many great fireworks you can buy and ensure your November 5th fireworks are fun and impressive.

Your Bonfire Night fireworks should be all about fun and excitement. This is an occasion where you can let your hair down and have a laugh. To guarantee your Bonfire Night fireworks are a crowd-pleaser, we here at Firework Crazy recommend you purchase these fireworks!

Glittering Fire by BlackCat / Standard

Your Bonfire Night fireworks display can start with a burst of glitter and colour. This two-minute fountain cycles a massive 15 different effects. There is going to be lots of colour and you will get the party started right away. Glittering Fire is one of our new fireworks and we think it will turn out to be a hit in displays.

You can now save £2 and buy Glittering Fire for £9.99.


Air Bomber by Skycrafter

A good display also requires the use of rockets at varying times. For this purpose, Air Bomber is a set of five rockets. Now, this is not a rocket with a tonne of colour and stunning effects – Air Bomber is all about the noise! This will great a loud bang and that’s just what good fireworks are all about on Bonfire Night.

The brand new rockets are available for half price, as you can buy Air Bomber for just £9.99.


Happy Trolls by Absolute Fireworks

You can add a bit of colour and fun to your fireworks display with this quirky 25-shot cake. It lasts for 30 seconds shooting blue stars, silver glitter and red strobe on the night sky. It could be a great firework to use in the middle of your display or you could even use it to end your show. This is as colourful as fireworks can get!

You can buy Happy Trolls for £11.99.


300 Crazy Whistling Comets by Jorge

Another noisy addition to your Bonfire Night display is this massive 300-shot firework. It lasts for 30 seconds and you’ll get to enjoy from a lovely whistling sound as the fiery tails fire across the night sky. This is a great way to end a display!

You can purchase 300 Crazy Whistling Comets for £22.99, saving £2 on its original price.


Regal by Kimbolton Fireworks

With a compound firework, you can turn up the heat and increase the number of effects you have on your display. Regal has been one of our biggest sellers and it’s definitely a worthy firework for Bonfire Night display.

The 115-second fireworks fires 131 shots. It features bouquets, crackling flowers and glitter waterfall. You could use this on its own or add it as the grand finale of your big display.

Regal is available online for £149.99.


There is still plenty of time to think about your Bonfire Night fireworks – you just have to act now! The above are our favourite fireworks and you can create a fun and loud display with them. For more ideas, don’t forget to follow our blog and check out our website for more.

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