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Five Firework Displays from November 5th

While Bonfire Night is now behind us, the good news is that we have Christmas and New Year’s Eve displays to look forward to and some stunning videos from 5th of November to go back to when planning for our next year’s show.
This year was magnificent in terms of Bonfire Night fireworks.
Before we pick our top five firework displays from across the UK, checkout two displays we put on over the Bonfire Night weekend below.

Chelmer Valley High School Fireworks 2017 from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.

Danbury Fireworks 2017 from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.

Here are five other stunning displays from November 5th for you to enjoy!

Lewes Bonfire Night

You can’t make a list of best Bonfire Night displays without including Lewes. The town is synonymous with the holiday and each year it manages to throw a great party. This year’s display was full of glitter and gigantic rockets – just how we like it! If you ever want to experience Bonfire Night at its most British, you definitely want to head out to Lewes for a party.


Glasgow Green Fireworks

The below display took place in Glasgow and it’s another magnificent fireworks show. The show went on for 20-minutes, surprising the viewers with stunning glittery bombs and falling leafs. You also got a nice combination of colour from elegant silver and gold to funky green and bright red explosions. It was a classic display with playful effects and many bright colours.


Victoria Park Fireworks in London

The East London park is known for its November 5th fireworks display. In 2017, the park had a sci-fi themed display that didn’t disappoint. The below clip is just a small glimpse into the stunning display that combined music and light effects with fireworks. If you are looking for somewhere new to experience Bonfire Night in 2018, you should definitely check whether the park is putting on a show – it’s always worth experiencing.


Worthing Lions Fireworks

The below video is worth a watch. Worthing Lions Fireworks show had some super cool fireworks and the video is an aerial footage of the event. You truly get to experience the magnificence of fireworks and how they control the night sky. The display was a nice combination of big rockets and smaller mines. It also had a lovely glittery and metallic theme running through it!


Spike Island Fireworks in Liverpool

Finally, this is a great firework video from Liverpool’s Spike Island display. It’s around 10-minutes long and it only managed to capture the latter half of the display – we would have loved to been there for the whole show! It has a lovely vibe going through with the occasional rocket until it really hits big at the end! We’re talking about lots of effects and colours all happening at the same time. You have to see it to believe it!

Hopefully, the above fireworks displays will provide you with plenty of inspiration for the New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to check out our newest fireworks to include to your display – we have stunning fireworks waiting for you at Firework Crazy.

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