Fireworks Crazy’s Top 10 Bestsellers

You still have time to order fireworks for Bonfire Night – here are our top 10 selling fireworks; order them now while they’re still in stock!

1. Portfires

A great fireworks display isn’t just about the amazing explosions in the night sky; you also need to think about security issues.
While this isn’t a firework itself, it’s an essential purchase everyone needs. Portfires packages provides you with five handheld lighting sticks to make firing those rockets a lot easier.
The sticks are extra-long to guarantee you can light up your fireworks from a safe distance. The flame will also light up even in the windiest of conditions to ensure your fireworks display won’t fail! These Portfires are a must-have for organising small and big displays.

2. 18’’ Gold Sparklers by Celtic Fireworks

Now we’re onto the fun stuff!
Everyone loves sparklers and they are a great addition to children’s parties and even fancier events such as weddings. These Gold Sparklers by Celtic Fireworks are great way to add a bit of glamour to your fireworks display.
Because they are 18’’ long, you’ll get almost 90 seconds of burn time with each sparkler. This guarantees you get to enjoy the golden glimmer for longer than usual. These Gold Sparklers will add plenty of wow-factor to your display.

3.  Star War by Skycrafter

When it comes to adding a bit of a bang to your fireworks display, the Star War is one of our biggest sellers. This firework is a traditional quick fire firework, which provides a massive chrysanthemum effect on the night sky.
One Star War has seven bursts of gold explosions with red tip detailing. It is a great firework to add to your display as the final wow-factor.

4. Happy Firework by Vulcan

The Happy Firework by Vulcan has recently been added to our collection and already it has proven to be a big hit. It is the perfect way to add colour to your display and it’s a must-have firework for a New Year’s Eve party.
The firework creates 16 shots into the night sky with the colours ranging from green to red. The bursts are a bit like a crackling explosion and you get to enjoy the fireworks for 15 seconds. It is a great addition to the start of your display.

5. Hitman by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Good fireworks shouldn’t cost a fortune, they should be able to impress, and the Hitman definitely falls into this category. It offers amazing value for money and you get to enjoy plenty of things with this firework.
You’ll be able to marvel at 16 shots with this firework, with all of them producing either a red or a green star-like explosion. There’ll even be a bit of crackling and the great thing about the Hitman is that you won’t hear a loud explosion!

6. 10’’ Gold Sparkler by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Another one of our sparkling bestsellers is the 10’’ Gold Sparkler. Again, it’s great for garden parties and you’ll get to enjoy the Gold sparkler for nearly two minutes before it goes off!
One pack includes five sparklers, so enough to light up your garden. It is safe for adults to hold these in their hands as well! Gold Sparklers are definitely a great addition to any outdoors parties.

7. Glitter Bombs by Skycrafter

One of our all-time favourites has to be the Glitter Bombs and if you are looking to add something that both kids and adults will enjoy, this is the firework to get. It’s a product that won’t disappoint either as part of a bigger display or as a stand-alone firework.
You’ll enjoy seven shots of gold crackling flowers and you’ll really notice the night sky bombarded with sparklers. At the moment, we are also running a great offer where if you buy one, you’ll get one free, giving you 14 shots altogether!

8. Sky Demons by Skycrafter

For those final big explosions, the Sky Demons by Skycrafter is a very good pick. The firework will present you with 12 massive bore shots. The night sky will be lit up with red and green peonies, topped up with crackling silver glitter. It isn’t any wonder that this firework is one of our all-time bestsellers!

9. Fiery Eye by Brothers Pyrotechnic

Not all fireworks are shot directly above towards the sky. The Fiery Eye is a firework that spins around in one spot for almost a minute, creating a lovely wheel of colour.
The circle is filled with silver and golden sparks and Fiery Eye has been a big hit for garden parties. You also need to be quick with ordering this product, as the factory won’t be producing these any longer.

10. Colour Attack by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Finally, if you are after something simple and fun, then the Colour Attack is a must-have firework and one of our biggest sellers. You’ll get to enjoy an impressive 96 shots with this firework from coloured pearls to glittering pops.
You can use it on its own or combine it with other fireworks for an impressive display. It is very good value for money!

These are our top 10, but there’s far more to choose across the whole Fireworks Crazy website.
Remember to check out our fireworks sale and specials and our great range of new fireworks, too.

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