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Can Fireworks be Shipped?

Fireworks are not your average delivery item. While they bring joy to many people and they are extremely pretty to look at, you’re still talking about explosives when it comes to fireworks. So can they be shipped?

The fireworks industry is tightly regulated industry and there are plenty of rules people should be aware of. These rules and regulations also cover shipping and we’re here to explain to you the key things you should know about shipping fireworks so that your buying experience will be pleasant. After all, the more secure your use of fireworks, the more fun you’ll have with them.

All about the classification

How and where fireworks can be shipped depends largely on the classification of the specific firework. There are different ways of classifying fireworks but each commercial firework will use one of the following methods:

  • UN test results and information from the manufacturer
  • The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or Explosives Storage and Transport Committee Classification
  • Local national authority classification
  • Technical data on the performance

In addition, the fireworks will receive a Competent Authority Document (CAD), which is used to assign an appropriate shipping method.

International deliveries

Firework manufacturers operate internationally. Many fireworks at Firework Crazy come from China and these can be shipped by the manufacturer straight to the importer. You need quite a bit of paperwork to do this – both the manufacturer and importer have to have valid CAD documentation to ensure the shipping is valid and safe.

On the other hand, importers and retailers can’t sell fireworks abroad. That’s why Firework Crazy delivers only to customers in the mainland UK.

Local deliveries

When you buy from our online shop, you can get your fireworks delivered straight on your front door. However, the fireworks are not sent by post – they always use a special courier system. This makes it sure the couriers are aware the content (i.e. that they are explosives) and they have the right qualifications to handle it.

Furthermore, all the consignments must always be signed for. You won’t find the delivery company ditching these packages on your front lawn or your “designated safe place.” You must have someone over the age of 18 sign for the order and possibly even show identification.

If you’ve ever wondered why the shipping cost might seem expensive, it is down to the above regulations. Each package must be packed with expert packaging material, the courier costs are more expensive and the shipping includes a hazardous material surcharge.

Driving with fireworks

It’s a good idea to also remember that driving with your own car or van full of fireworks might cause insurance problems. Certain car insurances might not cover your desire to move your fireworks from one spot to another – you often need a special license to transfer large amounts of explosives. So keep this in mind before you take a road trip with your fireworks, even if you’re just driving them an hour down the road to your display site.

Safe and secure firework delivery

To ensure your fireworks are delivered safely, you should always buy fireworks from professional, licensed companies. Please contact the seller if you want to return any damaged or unwanted goods – they will always help you arrange for shipping.

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