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Best of 4th of July Fireworks Displays 2018

Fourth of July parties have given the world some amazing firework displays in the past. This year was no different and America’s Independence Day was celebrated with stunning shows across this vast country. There were many amazing effects and plenty of red, blue and white!
Picking the best displays has been hard, but we here at Firework Crazy want to share some of our favourites with you for inspiration. So get ready to be amazed by 4th of July firework displays from 2018 and start planning your own displays right now!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Disney knows how to do magic and they certainly know how to put on a great show. The Magic Kingdom amusement park always has big firework shows for special occasions and Fourth of July is no different.
The firework display combines amazing, majestic music about the US with stunning fireworks. It looks and sounds epic! The fireworks are so huge they can be viewed from miles away.


Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks in NYC

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks are a famous Independence Day tradition in the US. The streets of New York are taken over by a gigantic parade earlier in the day and then in the evening, the Big Apple celebrates the occasion with a huge firework display. The 4th of July display is almost more popular than the city’s fireworks for New Year’s Eve.


Washington DC Fireworks

Washington DC is, of course, where the power lies in the US. It’s only natural that the Capital City of the country would organise a massive fireworks display. In fact, the Washington DC display was worth $2 million!
As you can see from the clip, this resulted in a spectacular fireworks display. You get plenty of effects and an amazing array of colours. It’s definitely a worthy display for the Capital.


Seattle’s 4th of July Fireworks

We also enjoyed the fireworks display in the Emerald City. Seattle put on a great show above Lake Union. The falling stars that twinkled right at the start of the display were especially a big hit with us – this is a popular effect in modern displays.
Indeed, Seattle showcased a lovely mix of different effects in its display. If you ever want to see what fireworks can do, this is the display to watch.


Richmond Fourth of July Fireworks

Richmond in Virginia had a massive celebration to mark the occasion as well and we’re especially in love with the video because of the viewpoint. You get to experience these fireworks up in the air with the help of a drone camera. It gives a different perspective on the amazing effects and colours of fireworks.

If you ever want to witness amazing fireworks, you’ll want to be in the US for the 4th of July celebrations. The occasion is a bit like our November 5th – the holiday and fireworks simply go together like cheese and toast!

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