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7 Must-Haves for a Proper Outdoor Summer Party

Something a little different from the Firework Crazy blog this week. Obviously we’re going to mention fireworks, but as the sun is out let’s look at what you need for an outdoor party.
Let’s face it, everyone loves a good garden party in the summer. Being outdoors lets us Brits let go of our inhibitions – we’re more carefree and bubbly. It’s no wonder outdoor weddings and birthday parties are one of the best things about summer.
But how do you guarantee a great outdoor summer party? Here are the seven must-haves.

Shade & Blankets

It’s hard to believe but sometimes too much sunshine is just too much. You shouldn’t force your guests to stand in the sun for five hours – as rare as this warmth might be. Add a proper shade to your lawn either with individual shades scattered around the garden or by having one big marquee to hide in.
In addition, the party might go on much longer than anticipated and it can get quite chilly later on. A selection of blankets is a great touch – guests can snuggle underneath in the evening and use them as picnic blankets during the day.

Sizzling Finger Food

Food is always a key ingredient to a good party. In a summer outdoor party, the focus must be on the ease of eating. Sure, you could have plastic forks and knives for elaborate soufflés and stews, but just stick to something you can grab and eat while standing. Finger foods are a delicious and carefree addition to an outdoor party.

Signature Drink

Who doesn’t love the idea of a signature drink? Your guests will be amazed to find a colourful and beautifully named drink – in fact, they’ll probably try to steal your recipe! Make Me a Cocktail has great ideas for coming up with a signature drink that looks and tastes like you.

Bug Repellents

Admittedly, garden parties tend to have one major problem: bugs. These uninvited guests will most likely turn up and you’ll make the party better by being prepared with repellents.

Lawn Games

Entertainment plays a crucial role in keeping guests happy. Since your party is taking place outdoors, lawn games are a fun way to keep the kids busy and the adults laughing.
For an additional wow-moment, take your croquet sets, hula-hoops and other lawn game equipment and paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint. Your guests are going to love the touch as the evening gets darker!

Live Music

Music is another big must-have for an outdoor summer party. There is just something in being outdoors that makes listening to music so much more magical. You need to take full advantage of this magic and book live music for your party, whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary party. It’s almost like getting your own mini festival without the mud and the queues.


Now, all good parties deserve a big send off and what better way to do it then with a fireworks display? Fireworks add a bit more magic to the night and they add grandness to your humble event. You can find great fountain-fireworks, rockets and more on our website. Throwing your own little display won’t be difficult and it’ll leave your guests buzzing with excitement.
So, if you are looking to throw a great outdoor summer party, you need to focus on sorting out these seven must-haves first. Start planning your party and check out our latest firework deals here.

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