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5 Things to Know About Fireworks

Fireworks are so popular today that times have changed from back when there was a “fireworks season” that stretched from Bonfire Night in November up to Chinese New Year in the early part of the year.  As such, fireworks are a big part of modern parties and celebrations, yet they still remain mysterious to many, which only adds to the excitement we all feel when it comes to fireworks displays.  Here are five things you should know about fireworks.

1. They Have a Long History

Fireworks aren’t a recent invention. In fact, the earliest mention of fireworks dates back all the way to 7th Century China. The Chinese have a long history in fireworks and are still the largest producer of fireworks in the world. Around 90% of all fireworks today originate from China.
The earliest recorded sighting of fireworks in England is from 1486 when King Henry VII got married. So next time you are at a fireworks display, holding your own, or there’s some dead air in the pub, remember the long history of fireworks and throw some facts at your friends.


Henry VII – Fireworks Pioneer. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. It Is All About the Chemicals

The best thing about fireworks is of course the way they light up the dark sky with many different colours from blues to reds and everything in between on the colour spectrum. By using different chemicals, you are able to create the colour in fireworks and if you want to know more about how the chemicals work in fireworks you should check out this video.

3. You Can Calculate the Distance They Fly

It is quite fun to calculate the distance a firework flies, and anyone can do it. Next time you are at a fireworks show, remember this simple method of knowing how far the firework is from you.
As soon as you see the firework flash calculate the seconds until you hear the first ‘boom’ sound. Divide it by three and you will get the distance to the firework pyrotechnics in kilometres.
The concept works the same as with thunder and lightning, all because light travels faster than sound, easy!
Admittedly, you might need to be quick given that fireworks will often be a lot closer than a storm is!

4. There Are a Lot of Different Ones for Home Use

There are many different types of fireworks to use at home. Although for the larger fireworks you actually need to obtain permission, you can still select many fireworks from fountain-fireworks and sparklers to use at home.
We often recommend roman candles as a winner for home displays, since they go well with any type of party, while sparklers are an obvious buy for children. Barrages and cakes tend to be the most popular type of firework overall. Make sure you keep safe when using fireworks since they are dangerous things if not used properly, as many have found to their cost.

5. Big Bang of Records

There are many records when it comes to fireworks. For instance, the biggest annual show in Europe is the International Festival concert in Scotland, which sees around million fireworks being set off in less than an hour.
The largest fire rocket weighed an astonishing 13kg and it was produced in 2010 in Portugal.
These five things are just some of the fun things you should know about fireworks. So next time you are watching a fireworks display make sure you mention this information to the people you are hanging out with and wow them with your knowledge.

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