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5 Reasons to Stick with the Specialists for Bonfire Night

You might be one of the people that only think about fireworks as Bonfire Night gets closer. Perhaps you just pop to your local corner store on the day before to buy a few rockets and sparklers.

It’s a common misconception to think you don’t need a specialist for your garden fireworks display. But there are plenty of advantages to sticking to a specialist even if you are just shopping fireworks for Bonfire Night parties.
Here are five reasons you shouldn’t forget about the expert firework retailers.

1. Convenience to Shop at Anytime

Firework specialists operate 365 days of the year. While your local corner shop might stock a few fireworks before the Bonfire Night – if they can get the license – you still have a much shorter window for shopping the products.
Organising a Bonfire Night party is much more than just getting the fireworks ready. You need to think about the food and the music. But as long as you got a safe place to store the fireworks, you could order your fireworks online well in advance!
Besides, you might have thought fireworks are only for the 5th of November, but you could shop them at a specialist for all sorts of parties!

2. A Great Range of Products

Your local shops might get a license to sell some of the smaller firework products, but if you are looking to impress, you need a specialist. The selection on offer is massive from big rockets to stunning mines! You could even shop for low-noise fireworks.
Fireworks are fun and exciting. If you always opt for the same selection box at the local store, it’s easy to think fireworks are all the same. A specialist store will open your eyes to a whole new world!

3. Get Advice on Organising a Display

You might think it’s impossible to pull off a great fireworks display. To be honest, it probably is if you aren’t shopping from a fireworks retailer.
A professional retailer will be able to find you the right products for your display, help you with the setting up and advise you on when to use your chosen products.

4. You Can Be Guaranteed of Safety

Dodgy fireworks retailers always pop up during the fireworks season. They offer you a range of fireworks for cheap prices straight from the boot of the van.Dangers is written all over this transaction!
Never buy fireworks from a non-certified retailer! A specialist can guarantee the products are properly tested and you can count on the safety tips to ensure you know how to store and set off your fireworks in a safe manner.

5.Enjoy a Better Shopping Experience

Overall, shopping for fireworks should be all about fun – the planning, the finding, the shopping, the actual display, these are all moments that should put a smile on your face! With a specialist, you are dealing with someone who is passionate about fireworks and wants you to have a good time.
Not to mention that a good fireworks retailer will provide you proper customer service before, during and after you’ve bought the products.
Any questions you might have, we at Fireworks Crazy will answer them! Even if you want to discuss your upcoming Bonfire Night display in the middle of May.

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