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5 Fireworks for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge event everywhere these days and thousands of people flock to the streets here in England!
In fact, the English are more likely to remember when St. Patrick’s Day takes place than they are to remember the date for their own patron saint, St. George, though that might be down to the fact St. George’s Day is barely marked or even acknowledged in England.
Much like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and various other occasions, St. Patrick’s Day has turned into an opportunity for businesses to cash in on people’s willingness to find any excuse for a party!
And let’s face it, everyone loves a good party, and St. Patrick’s Day definitely provides a great opportunity for organising one. This year, instead of spending all your money at a pub-crawl around town, organise your own party with traditional Irish food, music and these fantastic five fireworks!

Rainbow Delight

Find the treasure at the end of the rainbow with this amazing Rainbow Delight firework, which is a must-have for your party.
You’ll get to enjoy red and green shots with a crackling golden tail, adding both colour and noise to your garden party!

Liquid Gold

This Liquid Gold firework goes a long way to adding a magical sparkle to your display. It’s a great way to finish off your party, too, with the gold tails bursting into colourful stars brightening up the night sky.
While you shoot the fireworks, you could serve some quirky Pot of Gold cake pops to your guests. The rainbow coloured filling fits the above two fireworks perfectly.

Green Strobe to Yellow Crossette

Yellow and green are two of the essential colours of this day. The Green Strobe to Yellow Crossette by Sovereign could almost have been made just for this purpose as it screams St. Patrick’s Day with its design.
This mine firework is perfect way to kick start your display or to add in between bigger rockets. The firework spreads around the sky, so it looks and sounds impressive.

Splitting Comets

You’ll also need to add some rapid-fire shots to your display and Splitting Comets is a great firework for this purpose. The red and green shots fit well around the day’s theme colours and you’ll have plenty of fun watching the bursts of colour scatter across the sky.


Finally, the whole purpose of St. Patrick’s Day is to be happy, joyous and have a good time, and the Happy firework definitely signifies all these elements of the day. You’ll get to enjoy 16 bursts of colour and the amazing crackling sound of fireworks. This is a quirky little firework for a fun-filled party.

Although St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration, the Irish embrace everyone wanting to celebrate the occasion, and the large numbers of Irish expatriates and those of Irish descent around the world means there are parties going to happen worldwide!
St. Patrick’s Day is a great day to throw a party, so why not add some incredible crackling fireworks to the big night.
Cover Image Credit: By Ardfern (Own work), CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

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