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Top 10 Single Ignition Fireworks Boxes

Looking for fireworks that let you have plenty of fun without the hassle of setting up your display? Then single ignition boxes, or S.I.B., are a fantastic pick. With S.I.B. fireworks you get to enjoy a full display without going back and forth to fire your rockets.
These are our top 10 S.I.B fireworks:

Royal Party: RP70 Diamonds

If you are looking for a glamorous fireworks box, then check out this stunning 70 shot RP70 Diamonds box. It’ll shoot up big gold palms with gold tails, and red and green glitter for a total of 70 seconds!

Brothers Pyrotechnics: Bling Bling

If you are after effects, then Bling Bling is the box to go with. You’ll get to enjoy 55 shots in around 40 seconds, but with stunning variety when it comes to the effects. The box contains stars, fishes, whistles and crackles. There’ll be glitter and splashes of colour too – guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Brothers Pyrotechnics: Hercules

We’ve been in the business for quite a while now and this S.I.B firework has remained one of our top sellers. It’s a minute long extravaganza of colour and effects with a stunning 107 shots being fired on the night sky. If you are looking for impact, go for Hercules.

Tai Pan: Rio Grande

If you are after a professional finish, then Rio Grande is a true showstopper. In little over a minute you’ll be rewarded with red strobes, multi-coloured stars and crackling effects.
We’ve even used it on our professional displays. Below is a clip from a wedding a few years ago and you can enjoy the Rio Grande effects at around 5:26. A beautiful example of using fireworks as wedding entertainment!

Wedding Video – Reflections from Firework Crazy on Vimeo

Brothers Pyrotechnics: The Judge

The Judge is a fantastic S.I.B firework, with its varied firing patterns and explosive effects. These are 35 shots packed into 50 seconds, with gold tails and brocades colouring the night sky.

Vulcan: 2 Minute Single Ignition

If you think you can handle a two-minute firework display, then we can’t recommend this firework from Vulcan enough. It’s an amazing value for money and you get to enjoy effects from peonies to stars and crackling flowers. With 150 shots, it is going to impress the whole neighbourhood!

Brothers Pyrotechnics: AirBoss

Another newcomer to our selection in 2014, the AirBoss has plenty of extra punch to add to your fireworks show. It fires an impressive 100 shots in just 45 seconds in a Z firing pattern. Wonderful selection of colour and noise to impress the crowds!

Brothers Pyrotechnics: Fire One

Losing narrowly to the Vulcan’s S.I.B. above, the Fire One box lasts for an impressive 1 minute and 40 seconds, being the second longest firework on this list. It’s an amazing selection of red, green and white explosions from tails to brocades. This box is truly all you need for a fun fireworks display.

Celtic Fireworks: The Tardis

The Tardis has been developed in a similar fashion to one of our professional category 4 fireworks. We’ve made the little tweaks to allow everyone to buy this fantastic S.I.B firework. There are an impressive 126 shots in this box with a whole host of amazing effects. The ending is especially one of our favourites!

Brothers Pyrotechnics: Fireworks Crazy

This new S.I.B firework is such a magnificent work – is it any wonder; it has our name! An impressive 100 shots in 45 seconds with a variety of effects and colours to light up the night sky. Fireworks Crazy makes a fantastic display for any occasion.

It really doesn’t get better than the single ignition boxes. Not only are they amazing value for money, but they also make organising a display so much easier! Get yours today!

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