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How Have Fireworks Changed the World?

Not many inventions have stood the test of time in the world, but fireworks are definitely one of the inventions that continuously surprise us. While fireworks have changed quite a bit from the early versions in terms of colours and designs, the basic science and enjoyment we get from fireworks remains unchanged to this day.

Since fireworks have been around so long, what kind of impact have they had on the world? Here’s a look at how fireworks have changed the world through entertainment, warfare and the environment.

Influenced the Way We Celebrate

Fireworks’ biggest impact on society has been the way it has influenced the way we celebrate. Since the early Chinese invented fireworks, these cracking explosions have been a key part in bringing more luck to our parties and enchanting our guests with stunning displays.
The magnificent displays have gathered people together and even helped create a democratisation of entertainment, as fireworks quickly became something everyone was able to enjoy, despite their status in society. The religious and spiritual aspects of fireworks also meant they soon became the stable part of big celebratory occasions.
It’s hard to think organising a New Year’s Eve party or a Bonfire Night party without any fireworks. Around the world, fireworks are part of big national celebrations. The Chinese New Year, Fourth of July and Diwali all include fireworks as part of the celebrations.
We’ve even taken the art of firework displays so seriously that national and international competitions are organised across the world. Fireworks have moved beyond simple entertainment to a serious craft where people are constantly trying to outperform each other with new products and crazy combinations.

Changed the Way We Fight

Unfortunately, fireworks have also been part of the darker changes in the world. The invention of gunpowder went hand in hand with the invention of fireworks, but unfortunately, we humans have not just used the explosive magic for good.
While fireworks were thought to keep away evil sprits, people also understood their ability to scare and injure other people. The early firecrackers were therefore also used for warfare.
When the first fireworks and gunpowder products were introduced to Europe, the focus shifted ever more towards the lethal side of the product.

What About the Environment?

More recently, scientists have started to look at the impact fireworks have had on our environment. Since fireworks contain many different chemicals, such as charcoal and sulphur, their influence on the environment has come under question.
There’s no large-scale data to suggest that fireworks would be harmful to humans or would have had a huge negative impact on the environment. Nevertheless, the use of certain chemicals is constantly under review and different, more eco-friendly, fireworks are being developed.
As the above shows, fireworks have done a lot to change the world. Most important of impacts has been the happiness they provide us with. Since the early years, we’ve been fascinated and surprised by fireworks. Hopefully, this magnificent invention will continue to bring a smile to our faces for long time to come!

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