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Fireworks from New Year’s Eve Around the World

New Year’s Eve witnessed a stunning array of fireworks displays around the world. The night was full of wonderful colours, big and bold effects, and lots of well-thought choreography.

From London to Edinburgh, and elsewhere across the UK, New Year’s Eve brought us some stunning displays. With those having spent a lot of time on the news in the past week, we wanted to know what had happened elsewhere around the world.

Below are some of our favourite displays from New Year’s Eve around the world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour was lit up by a massive fireworks show. £1,4 million worth of fireworks filled the night sky at the stroke of midnight, although the city had reduced the costs from last year. The pyromusical lasted around 10-minutes and the show was directed by an Italian. The display had a celestial theme and it showed beautifully throughout the display. What do you think?

Ras Al Khaimah

UAE’s New Year’s Eve fireworks have long held the top spot in terms of the biggest and boldest. Holiday resort Ras Al Khaimah, just outside of Dubai, was at it again this year, breaking not one but two Guinness World Records! The display had the longest chain of fireworks and the longest straight line of fireworks – the spectacle did happen just before midnight but it was such a show that you don’t want to miss it.


Many of the world’s most famous buildings offer a funky backdrop to New Year’s Eve fireworks. Seattle’s Space Needle is definitely one of our favourites. The futuristic building adds to a fireworks display and creates a unique setting for shooting them. This year, the show combined traditional fireworks with a unique laser show – it looked great!


Paris threw a great party and the city’s fireworks display was magnificent too! The display had a lovely golden glow to it and the falling shooting stars looked beautiful on the dark night sky. Paris also incorporated lights into the fireworks display and the city of love looked like the place to be!


The weather can, of course, dampen the mood on a New Year’s Eve and there were plenty of stormy places this year. Sydney was hit with torrential rain, leaving many fearful and drenched right before the show. However, the rain cleared right before the New Year’s Eve fireworks display and the display went ahead as planned. It’s good that it did because the 8.5 tonnes of fireworks ended up looking as spectacular as ever!


Bangkok’s New Year’s Eve fireworks were bold and bright. The display was full of colour – bright greens and blues looked superb on the dark sky, creating a lovely glow across the city. This city knows how to party and this was evident in this year’s show.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks from Around the World

New Year’s Eve fireworks proved to be magnificent once again around the world. There was plenty of music, big bombs and lots of colour coordination. You can get many ideas for your own displays in 2019 by watching the above clips. Afterwards, head down to our online store and check out our latest collection of fireworks!

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