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Can Fireworks Spell Out Words?

Pyro technicians and firework manufacturers are constantly looking for new ideas and innovations. The industry is always looking for ways to make your fireworks more impressive, more colourful and more awe-inspiring!

So what about words? Is it possible to fill the night sky with fireworks that spell your name or a message to your loved ones?

Focus on Orientation

You can spell out words with traditional fireworks, often by using one rocket to create a single letter. When shot in the right order and timing, you can see your name appear on the night sky, for example. In New Year’s Eve displays, this method is often used for creating numbers.
One of the problems technicians had to overcome was the orientation of the explosion. For a long time, it was almost impossible to control how the firework explodes on the night sky, making it difficult to create shapes in the right way.
Even though fireworks were created in different shapes, it was difficult to ensure the explosion meant the shape appeared on the sky in the right orientation.
Eventually the experts were able to create tiny marble-sized pellets with different chemicals in them to achieve the desired orientation. This allowed the creation of fireworks that spell out actual letters and numbers!
The little pellets have the chemicals to create a specific colour. They are then packed inside the firework and arranged inside the shell in a manner that determines how they’ll burst on the sky.
Unfortunately, there is still some way to go to guarantee the letters and numbers always appear in the right manner. Occasionally, the orientation doesn’t quite work and the letter might, for instance, appear upside down!

Other Firework Inventions

The above is about the typical fireworks, which explode on the night sky. But many other firework types can spell out words as well. One of the favourite, especially among wedding couples, is using sparklers to spell out word.
For this you’ll need special sparklers and an experienced photographer – just like Lewis Fackrell. Photographers like him can use slow motion capture while the person writes a specific word in the air with the lit up sparkler! This would be a stunning way to personalise your wedding photos!
Similar method is also available in professional fireworks displays. For example, our team can provide you these sorts of fireworks, in a larger scale, as part of your wedding display!
You can also use mine and fountain type fireworks, placed in a supportive structure, in a specific arrangement to spell out words. Once these are lit up, the word will appear with the help of the colourful effects.
For instance, these firework displays at the popular Castillos de Torre festival in Mexico use this technique to create some of the most amazing shapes. The whole festival is about creating the biggest towers of fireworks, and words and different shapes are often involved in the process. These are only to be used by professionals, so don’t try this at home!
You can use fireworks to spell out words in amazing ways. It isn’t quite as easy as cartoons make it out to be, but a stunning addition to a display!

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