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10 Songs that Mention Fireworks

Planning a party with fireworks? Perhaps you are looking for inspiration for the Bonfire Night party or you are thinking about the New Year’s Eve. Well, to help you create a stunning fireworks display and to celebrate your love of fireworks, we’ve created a fun playlist of ten songs that mention fireworks!
fireworks3 2

1. Blue Oyster Cult – Fireworks

There are a number of songs out there simply titled ‘Fireworks’. This Blue Oyster Cult is definitely among the classics with such a name and deserves itsplace on the playlist.
The song is from the 1977 album Spectres. It wasn’t a big record for the band, but it has since become a classic, especially in the US, during big festivals that involve fireworks.

2. Van Morrison – Almost Independence Day

Van Morrison’s Almost Independence Day features fireworks in the lyrics and the bluesy sound is a great addition to any playlist. If you want to slow down the mood of your party and light a few sparklers, then this song is the perfect way to get everyone’s attention!

3.Elvis Costello – Indoor Fireworks

Indoor Fireworks by Elvis Costello could almost be a reminder that you shouldn’t play with fireworks, even with the smaller ones! Jokes aside, the song is a great firework-themed song and the different versions of the song are worth checking out. The version with Nick Lowe is especially magnificent!

4. Plain White T’s – Fireworks

If you want to add some modern tunes to your playlist, then Plain White T’s has an upbeat and guitar-filled song called Fireworks. This is a perfect way to start the party and you could just add a few fountain-fireworks to go with the song!

5. Sawyer Brown – Mission Temple Firework Stand

Sawyer Brown isn’t the original performer of Mission Temple Firework Stand, but this funky tune is going to blow up the roof at your party. It is a fun version with plenty of kick provided by the guitar and the gospel choir. Indeed, we can’t think of a better way to praise the beauty of fireworks than a proper choir!

6. Kelis – 4th of July

While this song is all about the American Independence Day, we can’t help but like its amazing firework-vibe. It will add more party mood to your playlist and the song will be the one to get everyone up and dancing! If you want to add some American flavour to your party, this is definitely a good pick.

7. Drake featuring Alicia Keys – Fireworks

Another great modern tune with a catchy title is ‘Fireworks’ by the Canadian artist Drake. The song starts with fireworks going off before the music starts playing on top. It was a much-anticipated song, with rumours suggesting Kings of Leon might be the one performing the chorus.

8. The Cure – The Big Hand

The famous British alternative rock band has also made a song, which mentions fireworks. The Big Hand was never published in an album, but appeared on the B-side of the single ‘A Letter to Elise’. Perhaps because fireworks rock, the song is one of the rare B-side songs the band has performed live.

9. Backstreet Boys – Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

The American boy band has been around for ages, so it isn’t any wonder they have a song mentioning fireworks. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon is your typical love song – perfect for bringing out the sparklers!

10. Katy Perry – Fireworks

You didn’t think we’d forget this pop tune by Katy Perry? Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t, as it has been blasting on the radio wavesever since it was released in 2010. It has become the iconic firework song! So, go ahead and sing along with this one and “come and let your colours burst!”

The list could go on and on, as there are tons of great songs out there mentioning fireworks! It seems the bright, sparkling bundles of joy have acted as a muse to many artists, past and present.
With the above playlist, you can take your love of fireworks further and ensure you never stop thinking about them!

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