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Zeus Fireworks New for Firework Season 2017

Having looked at all of our new fireworks for 2017 over the last few weeks, it’s time now to look at Zeus Fireworks. When it comes to fireworks, Zeus Fireworks is the real deal. They have everything from fountain-fireworks to candles – there is something for all sorts of fireworks fans.
Prices quoted in the article are correct as of 23rd October 2017.

Close Encounters

This spookily named firework is a fantastic low noise product. It lasts just over 30 seconds, firing 25 shots in a straight firing pattern. The effects include tails, whistling spinners and big clouds of crackling. The red and green bursts of colour are beautiful to look and the firework won’t break your budget either. Close Encounters is available for £16.99.


Sapphire Crown

Sapphire Crown is another fantastic little cake from Zeus Fireworks. This 25-shot cake would be a great addition to a display – you could use it right at the start or add it as a filler during pauses. It has just the right mixture of effects from stars to brocade. It will certainly brighten up the night sky and make it shine. You can buy Sapphire Crown from Firework Crazy for £29.99.


Spinning Lotus Flower

If you are looking for something new and different, then it doesn’t get much better than Spinning Lotus Flower. Zeus Fireworks has been trying to get this fountain to the UK market for years and finally, we can all enjoy it. It’s available on our online store for £44.99.
Spinning Lotus Flower is a different type of fountain. It actually spins on its base whilst it’s emitting showers of sparks. What’s best is that the firework is suitable for gardens – just remember to stick to the eight-meter safety distance.


Retribution Compound Display

Talking of variety, Zeus Fireworks has also a monster compound out this year. The Retribution Compound Display fires a massive 200 shots in 80 seconds. It’s actually not a single firework but three fireworks fused together to create the huge cake. It’s full of mixed firing patterns and effects ranging from silver glitter to green brocades. Then you’ll also be treated with blue stars and gold brocades.
Actually, there is just so much to see that you had better watch the clip below. You can buy Retribution Compound Display for £224.99.

Zeus Fireworks has definitely treated us with a magnificent selection of fireworks for firework season 2017. There is something for small and big displays – you can create stunning firework shows with these beauties.
The Firework Crazy online store has plenty more for firework lovers so don’t forget to check it out. And remember to send us your videos and pictures of the beautiful displays you create!

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