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Why You NEED Fireworks this Mother’s Day

It goes without saying that wonderful mothers deserve their own special day. In the UK, Mother’s Day takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is exactly three weeks before Easter. In 2015, this will be March 15.
The day is filled with wonderful traditions and things to do, but it’s also a good idea to mix things up a bit to truly surprise your mother!

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?

In fact, the term Mother’s Day is a modern name giving for the occasion, as the day was formerly known as Mothering Sunday. In the US, the day became a national celebration when president Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it in 1914. The event was inspired by the activist Anna Jarvis and her quest to celebrate mothers.
Anna Jarvis also inspired a British revival of this day, when Constance Smith read about her on a newspaper and started a similar campaign. Ultimately the event has roots in Christian tradition of gathering to the mother church on that day to give thanks to one’s childhood roots.
So, traditions are always there to be modernised and tweaked!

Traditional Things To Do

Ever since the early days, giving gifts and eating tasty treats have been closely associated with the day. Perhaps the only difference is that the gifts and foods have changed a bit over the years.
One traditional treat remains and that is the Simnel cake. It’s quite a tasty treat and if you want to give something traditional to your mother this year, then why not make a cute Simnel cake!

Something Surprising

Even though traditional gifts are great for Mother’s Day, you should also find new ways to surprise your mother. And the still dark night skies of March offer a great opportunity for creating a fireworks display for your mother!
You could organise a big Mother’s Day party at home, skip the expensive restaurant meals and instead add some fireworks. This adds a wow-factor to the occasion – rather than just being another Sunday where you’re doing something different for a change – and shows your mother that she is just like the fireworks – colourful, fun and always lighting the way during dark times!
Here are some fireworks you need for Mother’s Day.

Colourful Crossette

Start your Mother’s Day display with this beautiful firework by Celtic Fireworks. It fires 25 shots of red and green crossette breaks. It’s also a low noise product, so it’s perfect for families with smaller children or animals!

Large Gold Crackling Sparklers

Traditional sparklers make a great Mother’s Day surprise. The cool thing about these Gold Crackling Sparklers is that you can light them up in the background while you give your mother all the other gifts or while you present the Simnel cake in the garden, for instance.
These sparklers last around 110 seconds per sparkler, so you get plenty of time to thank your mother!

Cosmic Rain

Another beautiful addition to Mother’s Day display is these eight Cosmic Rain rockets by Vulcan Rocket Volley. You’ll see the night sky fill with beautiful golden rain and your mother will definitely crack a smile for you!

Purple Stars and Green Glittering

Finally, you can give a magical finish to your Mother’s Day display with this Purple Stars and Green Glittering firework. It adds a bit more colour and glamour to your party, with purple and green being the perfect colours to celebrate the starting spring season.

The fireworks will add a lovely surprising element to your Mother’s Day celebration and it is definitely something your mother won’t expect. You can then just include a few traditional elements and homemade gifts to your celebrations and you are good to go!

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