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Which Firework are You?

If you’ve ever done one of those fun personality tests online, you’ve most likely encountered the ‘big five’ personality traits. The five traits are of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness, and your dominant trait can tell a lot about your personality.
It can even tell you something fun about the most suitable firework for your personality!
If you want to take the most common test to see your dominant trait, you can do so at the
And the next time you are shopping for fireworks, check out this little guide to finding your best match!
Anyway; enough of the science-y stuff – time for some fireworks!

Rockets for Extroverts

If you score high on extraversion, then your best firework would be a rocket. You are an excited and sociable person who loves to stand out at a party. You like to talk a lot, just like the big bangs that big firework rockets make!
You are also very expressive person and therefore want your firework to show plenty of colours. When you are out and about, you control the crowd and you aren’t afraid of being the centre of attention – just like rockets such as Mega Blast do on the night sky!

Mines for Agreeable Types

Mines are the perfect fireworks for you if you are high on the agreeableness scale. These little fireworks, full of quirky explosives are just like you: trustworthy, kind and very good in pleasing the crowds.
Mines are often used to bring a fireworks display together, they are the diplomats of the firework world and therefore well suited for people who have these same altruistic characteristics.
If you feel like the above sounds like you, then your ideal firework would be the Blue Crackling Star Mine.

Wheels for Conscientious Types

If you are extremely organised and goal-oriented person, you should select wheel type fireworks. Just like you show a high-level of thoughtfulness in everything you do, wheels are always well-crafted fireworks that have a clear and organised pattern.
You also have a bit of impulsiveness, which you can control well and you always think of the finer details when hosting a party, for instance. Therefore, the Turbo Wheel firework is just the right pick for you!

Barrages and Cakes for Neurotic Types

If you score high on the neuroticism scale, you are like a firework yourself and being near you is never a bore! You can be a bit moody at times, but that isn’t a bad thing at all, as your life is often much more colourful and active than other people’s lives.
You might not always know what’s going to happen in the next few seconds and therefore the barrages and cakes are your kind of fireworks! When you want to add a bit more colour and fun to your life, then pick your soul mate firework Pulse and have the time of your life!

Fountains for Open Types

When it comes to the last personality trait, you are all about imagination. Your head is always full of ideas and you find many things interesting and exciting. The fountain type fireworks are just the right match for your bubbly nature.
You love to meet new people and you are more than happy to accept that things change all the time. Other events inspire you and you have a great knowledge of different things. Therefore, the Fire Phoenix fountain is a perfect pick for you!

Hopefully the above personality trait list helps you match yourself with just the right fireworks. Go ahead and utilise our fantastic videos to make picking fireworks a bit easier for your next party!
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