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Which Cities Have the Best New Year Fireworks?

New Year’s Eve is the biggest global party of the year. Every major city in the world competes to have the best parties and firework displays teams on their turf, creating the biggest displays imaginable to wow the audiences both there in person and watching on TV around the world.
What are the best cities to go to if you are looking for an impressive firework display?



sydney fireworks
Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are recognisable the world over. By Rob Chandler (NYE 2006 Sydney) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
We admit, Sydney is an obvious choice to add to the list, but you just can’t deny the fact the city regularly hosts the most impressive displays. Sydney’s fireworks are always amazing!
The city’s fireworks, which are set off at the Sydney Harbour, are constructed around a beautiful theme each year. This year’s firework theme is “Inspire”, with last year’s spectacular display created around the theme “Shine”.
Sydney’s fireworks also benefit from the climate. As New Year’s Eve takes place in the middle of the summer in Australia, you don’t need to worry about watching the fireworks with your fingers freezing to popsicles!
If you can’t make it to Sydney yourself, the lunchtime news in the UK always features the first parties from cities welcoming in the New Year.


Tokyo’s fireworks display doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. But the city definitely earns a spot among the best New Year fireworks, especially as Tokyo celebrates the event for a week! You don’t just get one night of magical firework displays, but a full week of events and parties!
The whole of Tokyo Bay is lit up with lights and you can enjoy amazing Japanese street cuisine before the fireworks. If you are looking for a great experience, then Tokyo is the place to be on New Year’s Eve.

Las Vegas

When you are picking the best American cities to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks, most people would mention New York. Although New York manages to pull off a great show each year, the real action happens in Las Vegas – and stays there too!
The city has to create an impressive party scene night after night, but it still always manages to organise a fantastic fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. If you aren’t able to get there on New Year’s Eve, then you should visit the city on the 4th of July for the most illuminated skyline imaginable.
Las Vegas is the biggest party town in the world and the fireworks aren’t the only thing lighting up the sky on New Year’s Eve. This year, the city will be packed with big stars, such as Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, so you’ll see plenty of glitter.


Another great city for New Year fireworks, and which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, is Berlin. The city is firework-mad during the New Year celebrations.
The firework display takes place against the backdrop of the Brandenburger Tor, which adds plenty of history to this magical night. The big straight road from the gate to the Siegessaule goes on about two kilometres and it is packed with music, bars, and street food stalls. The place is typically filled with around a million people, so you are welcoming the New Year in a cosy, party atmosphere.


Londoners know how to celebrate New Year and you don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy great fireworks. The iconic view of the Thames, Parliament, and London Eye comes to light every New Year and you’ll see perhaps the best mixture of music and fireworks.

london fireworks new years eve
London’s New Year Fireworks attract huge crowds live and on TV. Image courtesy of Paul Williams via Flickr, under

The display is beautifully choreographed and every year the fireworks team pushes themselves the extra mile to create a spectacular event. The rowdy rendition of Auld Lane Syne at the end of the display is the perfect way to finish the glorious night.
If you are planning a New Year’s Eve display, then check out the previous firework shows in the above cities and use it as a guide to organising your own display. You can find great firework videos also from our website to enjoy this glorious time of the year!

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