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What to Look For in Your Wedding Venue

As our regular blog readers will know, here at Firework Crazy we love weddings. After all, they provide us with yet another opportunity to celebrate with fireworks and put on amazing displays for our customers.
When it comes to weddings and wedding fireworks, your wedding venue can play an important role in ensuring the event is a success.
But how do you know which wedding venue is worth it? Here are some of the most important things you need to look for in your wedding venue.
wedding bride and groom

Is the Venue Right for Your Guest List?

You need to first think about your guest list, and ensure the venue and the guest list agree with each other. It isn’t just about your venue being big enough for the number of guests, but also thinking about the logistics of your wedding day. You need to think whether the venue is easily accessible, especially in terms of your wedding ceremony, and whether guests are able to stay overnight at the venue or at least somewhere relatively close by.
You don’t want the guests to pay small fortunes in cab fees just to get away from the venue in the evening!

Is the Venue Right for Your Wedding Theme?

Having a wedding theme is important in terms of adding more focus to your wedding planning. When you have a wedding theme in mind, you need to make sure the venue fits this theme.
Barton Court is a great option if you’re looking for a traditional wedding venue in the country.

Can Your Venue Do Everything?

There are generally two types of wedding venues. Those that provide full service, including tables, catering and everything else you need, and then you have those that only offer the space. Furthermore, some wedding venues will allow you to pick and choose which services to include, or may have specific restrictions. Some may not allow third party caterers at all, for example.
The right pick for your wedding will, of course, depend on your needs and desires. Full service might sometimes cost more but it is usually the least stressful option. Before you make the venue booking, consider carefully what you want and what the venue offers.

What Else Does the Venue Offer?

You must also consider your other wedding entertainment and check whether the venue can cater for these or not. Venues have different policies regarding things like wedding music, wedding fireworks, and their bar policies. You should carefully discuss the policies with the venue before you book it and consider which policies you can work with and which you can’t.

Does the Venue Work Within Your Wedding Budget?

Finally, it’s important to remember your wedding budget amidst all the planning. You should always have a budget in mind for different things – the venue, catering, entertainment and any additional wedding décor. Check with the venue what sort of wedding packages they can offer and how this would fit your budget. Full service might end up being cheaper than sorting out your own decorations and food, while sometimes you can even ask for different menu options to play with the budget. The majority of wedding venues will be happy to work with you and be as flexible as possible to fit in with your needs. Often it’s a case of just asking the question!
It’s important to start the search for your wedding venue as soon as possible. Figure out when you’d like to get married, how big your guest list is likely to be, and then start browsing for your dream wedding venues.
Keep the above things in mind and you’ll find something beautiful and functional for your big day!
Remember you can buy your wedding fireworks or book a display via Firework Crazy or Wedding Fireworks.
You can also contact Barton Court to enquire about your wedding.

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